Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas !!

Merry Christmas !!

I will be taking a break for Christmas and will be back on
New Year's Eve. I will be going on a short, 4 day cruise with
family and relatives. This way we can all get together with
no one having to cook, clean, or host ^_^

through the holidays. She has exquisite taste and
wonderful pictures and posts.

You should also check out Made by Girl who has
some wonderful interior and Christmas photos.

Desire to Inspire has some great posts with many
wonderful blogs to explore.

See you soon!

Modern Architecture with an Asian Twist

I totally fell in love with this house that was designed by Marc Whipple of the Russ Group Architects in Los Angeles. They've done many projects from a variety of private residences to the Los Angeles Natural History Museum to the Arena Soccer Complex in Burbank. This modern house has asian overtones in its design with a great view from the Hollywood Hills.

I am going away for Christmas and will return on New Year's Eve. So this post has a ton of photos for you to enjoy - hopefully as much as I have.

A peak at the Fabulours backyard~

I love the front of the house with strong Asian influences.

The woods used on this house are gorgeous - including the
front gade made of red-tinted wood.

Solid Wood Garage door. Wow!

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

~ Sauna ~

Home Theater

Guest Bedroom

Guest Bath

Love the glass tiles.

Another bedroom with an outlook to the backyard.
The glass leaves such an airy feeling.

Another Guest Bath with gorgeous stone tiles.

The shape of the leather table is unique.

The detail on this wood block with the natural crevices
is really neat.

I wouldn't mind having to look at this view every night.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Pearl Lam's Insanity? Ingenious?

I first saw a page about Pearl Lam in Bazaar's 2007 special home and decor issue. The New York Times did an article on her yesterday. I find myself intrigued. She has some REALLY wacky stuff. Some of it I think is very cool, some of it, I'm not so sure...However, it's over the top enough to definitely garner attention. The photos are of her flat in Shanghai, a 9,700 square foot loft on the 22nd floor of a building which she helped oversee the development for her mother in the French Concession district. Born in Hong Kong and educated in the UK, Pearl fell in love with Shanghai Deco when she had to move there for work and is now blending western and eastern ideas together. She's a pioneer in the area of the newly emerging Chinese art market as well. There are many pieces in her flat that she promotes in her gallery in Shanghai called Contrasts. She also sells art and has 3 more locations of her galleries with the original store in Hong Kong.

She had this 52 foot table designed herself and it seets
up to 66 guests. She wanted it made in sections to shrink
and expand as she needed, but she forgot to take into account
the weight of the glass and so having it in sections was
not feasible. I love the cutouts in her ceiling.

This is....Psychodelic...

Metal Rock Sculpture.

I thought this was really cool. She had a dinner party where
she had all the servers fit the plates between the fingers of
these scultpures. They are all different because they are handmade.

Not sure I would want to buy these...
But definitely different.

Thought the fabric for this chair was neat.

I've seen this particular sofa published in a lot
of magazines and articles. Only two were made.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ahhhh Italy

Italy is one my favorite places in the world. I'm a huge fan of this publisher of beautiful travel magazines from Japan. Just wanted to share some of the best photos from this Italy issue.

Amalfi Coastline. Retiring here would be heavenly
with the wonderful lemons in nearby Sorrento and
the Isle of Capri.

Dining al fresco.

Portfino is also another favorite of mine.

And this place, Alberobello is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The trulli buildings are very unique and seem to be isolated
in the Itria Valley of Puglia. There are many theories as to
why they were built and why they look different. The crescent
moon and crosses for some reason remind me of Turkey. Maybe
because I'm thinking of croissants...and how the Turkish flag has
a crescent moon it. No idea. You know though, there is a story
of why croissants are crescent shaped. I'll save that for another
time. Seems a bit off- topic to addend that here as I have a VERY
random thought process.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Emilio Pucci

I am a huge fan of the Italian designer Emilio Pucci's bold patterns and striking colors. His fabrics are so unique and brilliant. He has a huge following in Europe and Japan. Below are a few examples of his work as well as a magazine spread on his palazzo. Emilio Pucci died in 1992 and his daughter Laudomia continues designing under the label. The label is now owned by the Louis Vuitton-Moet-Hennessy Group. This guy was a busy guy during his life. He was born to a marchessa and earned a doctorate degree in political science. He was a part of Italy's 1934 Olympic Ski team. His first design project was designing the team's uniforms. He was elected to the Italian parliament and opened his first couture house on the Isle of Capri. What a path to becoming a fashion designer! You can check out the label's website here and a peak at their 2008 collection here.

Style Court (I'm a huge fan of Courtney's blog) has given a
great reference on who is likely the photographer of this
magazine spread of Emilio Pucci's palazzo in Italy.
You can find more photos on the palazzo here.