Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My 2007 Christmas Ornaments

I LOVE ornaments. Here's to Christmas, my favorite holiday!!
I also have an addiction to glass as well. Some of my favorite ornaments
and my newest ornament additions to the collection this year.

Glittering Pine Cones, Faux moss green rocks, and
some of my vintage ornament collection.

Here's an up close shot of some of my favorite vintage
ornaments. I really like the silver walnut. The mushroom
is fun and whimsical.

Here are the newest ornaments I bought this year.

For good measure, I like this angle. Although it's probably
best to choose a good color scheme and stick with it, I can't
seem to get away from color and shiny objects! Something
I seem to have never outgrown. I took a liking to the ship
in a bottle. But the pickle really tickled me :)


J Lee said...

i love love love christmas ornaments!!! how many do you have? they can get so costly though ... just putting them on my tree is $$ enough! LOL

Style Court said...

Lovely Alkemie! I can't help loving ornaments :)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

I can totally relate to the shiny and colour!!! :-)

Alkemie said...

I totally agree that ornaments have gotten $$ over the years. I lived abroad for several years so didn't really start collecting until more recently. We moved into a condo this year and spending the Christmas away this year so no tree...I'm determined to have a tree to showcase my shiny and colorful ornaments next year :)

Villa Anna said...

I too love Christmas ornaments! This is my first year of displaying them in glass and I think it looks heavenly. Your collection is inspiring...thank you :)