Friday, December 21, 2007

Pearl Lam's Insanity? Ingenious?

I first saw a page about Pearl Lam in Bazaar's 2007 special home and decor issue. The New York Times did an article on her yesterday. I find myself intrigued. She has some REALLY wacky stuff. Some of it I think is very cool, some of it, I'm not so sure...However, it's over the top enough to definitely garner attention. The photos are of her flat in Shanghai, a 9,700 square foot loft on the 22nd floor of a building which she helped oversee the development for her mother in the French Concession district. Born in Hong Kong and educated in the UK, Pearl fell in love with Shanghai Deco when she had to move there for work and is now blending western and eastern ideas together. She's a pioneer in the area of the newly emerging Chinese art market as well. There are many pieces in her flat that she promotes in her gallery in Shanghai called Contrasts. She also sells art and has 3 more locations of her galleries with the original store in Hong Kong.

She had this 52 foot table designed herself and it seets
up to 66 guests. She wanted it made in sections to shrink
and expand as she needed, but she forgot to take into account
the weight of the glass and so having it in sections was
not feasible. I love the cutouts in her ceiling.

This is....Psychodelic...

Metal Rock Sculpture.

I thought this was really cool. She had a dinner party where
she had all the servers fit the plates between the fingers of
these scultpures. They are all different because they are handmade.

Not sure I would want to buy these...
But definitely different.

Thought the fabric for this chair was neat.

I've seen this particular sofa published in a lot
of magazines and articles. Only two were made.


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Ooo Alkemie - I love it !! What a great find!! - Thank you for sharing! That sofa is FAB!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...


How did I forget this post and I COMMENTED!!!

Oh memory, where fore art tho??!!!

I shall link you IMMEDIATELY!!!

Mike said...

Only two of them were made? That's cool.

Anonymous said...

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