Friday, December 7, 2007

Sheepskin, Cowhide, & Alpaca Rugs Sources

I love soft textures underneath my feet. Sheepskin and Alpaca rugs are wonderfully soft while Cowhide can be very stylish. There are also many sheepskin items made for babies for it's soft texture.

Fur Rugs - One of my favorite rug and pillow sources for
sheepskins, cowhides, and alpaca rugs.

EcoWool - Pure New Zealand - Carries a broad range of
products including clothing and rugs.

Sheepskin Factory - Carries all kinds of sheepskin products
from rugs to slippers and baby care items.

Ikea - Carries a reasonably priced sheepskin at all times.

Custom made, large square cowhide rug. Fur Rugs

A rug made of a whole cowhide. Every one is different.

Cowhide rugs come in light colors as well.

Luxurious sheepskin rugs in patterns and cut shapes. Fur Rugs

Love the modern pattern on the white sheepskin rug.

More fabulous sheepskin rugs.

Right: Bordered Sheepskin Rug.

Genuine cowhide stenciled pillows.
Fur Rugs

In a giraffe pattern.

Ikea's sheepskin rug.


Brilliant Asylum said...

The Ikea rugs are great. I have one by my bed and it is a nice thing to have underfoot when forced out of bed in the morning.

J Lee said...

i love rugs and fur rugs are great - but i can't do real fur.


Alkemie said...

Jenn - I totally understand.

Brilliant Asylum - I have an ikea rug and a costco sheep rug as well in my living room. It certainly helps getting out of bed in the morning ^_^

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Sheepskin Slippers | Sheepskin Boots said...

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Modern Cowhide Rugs said...

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