Thursday, December 6, 2007

Billy Haines Sofas and Chairs

I Love sofas and chairs. Just can't seem to get enough of them. Below are some Billy Haines styled sofas and chairs. I really love his furniture style. I hope you enjoy these examples as much as I do.

From Adesso Imports in Pasadena. Now if I just had $$$ to spend on it.

Close up photo of the tufting.

Gray is a very "In" color this year.

Billy Haines reproduction slipper chairs. These are gorgeous!

Look at the lines of this chair!

I especially like the offset color of the piping in black.

Aren't these beautiful?

Love the curvature of the chair. I'll definitely have
tons more furniture posts in the future.


Villa Anna said...

I love love love tufted furniture and pillows. I would love to incorporate something of the tufted variety in every room if I could lol :)

And I agree those Billy Haines chairs are divine!


J Lee said...

That first billy haines sofa is gorgeous! I love it, but so not practical for me being that I love to eat on my sofa and cleaning inbetween the tuffs would be killer! LOL


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dear Alkemie - WOW! You've been busy great posts! I'm trying to comment on your rugs post - but it wont let me. Hmm. That giraffe print makes me smile - you don't see Giraffe prints very often. These chairs are delicious too :-)

PS Andrew Gn is pronounced jen - He is a lovely designer - girlie,and glam:-)

Alkemie said...

Villa Anna, I had to smile when I read your comment because I have the same affliction. I am totally addicted to tufted things.

Jenn - totally agree that it probably wouldn't be practical. But I can definitely admire the photos lol.

Felicity - I also got a kick out of the giraffe print. I like Girlie and Glam :) Sometimes I think I'm like Dr.Jekyl & Hyde when it comes to my personality and dressing style. It's split, I like really girly and glam stuff but I also like the very sharp and cool stuff with an edgy tomboyish style. Can't figure it out.

Jack said...

Beautiful sofas and chairs are available at Charles Keath......!

brittoo 2000 said...

I hope you enjoy. I'll definitely have more furniture posts in the future.

Anonymous said...