Thursday, January 17, 2008

Artists & Stationary - Kate Wilson & Louise Cunningham

I discovered Kate Wilson's drawings the other day when she came by for a visit. I wanted to introduce some of her drawings as well as Louise Cunningham's who I came to know about through Kate's blog Little Doodles.

This is one of my favorite from Kate's drawings.
I totally laughed out loud when I saw it. It's so
cute and unexpected. I love the detail in the hair.
Almost looks noodles don't you think?

The theme or words on this picture is quite cute.

Some of Kate's work. Kate's work is
available on Hannah Zakari's website.

I also had the pleasure of being introduced to
Louise Cunningham's beautiful illustrations. Louise
is an artist from the UK. I just love her use of color!!

Love these dandelions, they look so fresh!

Great for Valentine's day :-)

This would make a VERY fashionable Christmas card.
Louise Cunningham's art and items are available at her


M&Co said...

So cute that bird with that detailed hair! I have'nt seen Nelli with the blush before though ; Adorable!!

Syana said...

oh dear! haha the bird with the wig is hilarious! LOVE IT.

"nelly uses berry juice as blusher" -> TOO CUTEEE + the bird is so chubby and squishy you feel like you want to poke it LOL

I'm gonna try to draw birds with wigs now...Maybe even try with other animals such as koala's, hippos, dodo's, kiwi birds etc. sould be fun hahah people are gonna think I'm crazyyyy

Jennifer R. said...

these are soo beautiful!!!

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

Washington Cube said...

All of those cards are charming. I love the berry blush on the bird. Also the Queen Anne's Lace.