Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Grace of the HanBok

As you know I am rather a fan of Korean Han boks and I know that the lovely Alkemie is too. So for you (and her) - and I couldn' t resist showing these gorgeous images of actress Song Hye-kyo taken by Paolo Roversi for June 2007 Korean Vogue above and by photographer Gun Ho Lee also for Korean Vogue below.

The traditional woman's han bok consists of a (short jacket with long sleeves) with 2 long ribbons worn over a full length, high waisted wrap around skirt or on this case a type of strapless empire line dress. The han bok is worn with cute flat boat shaped shoes made of silk and long white cotton socks. They are usually worn during Korean weddings tho they can still be seen worn by ladies walking around Seoul.

Images 1 - 4 courtesy Korean Vogue June 2007
Photographer:Paolo Roversi Source: Popsoeul

Images 5 - 9 courtesy Vogue Korea unknown issue
Photographer: Gun-Ho Lee. Source: JeongA at Flickr


flow said...

i love how you and Karen find all these great images of modern han boks. i was searching for images like these for my wedding because i didn't want to wear a traditional looking one.

what did you think of Sandra Oh's couture twist on a traditional hanbok???

jenn lee

An Aesthete's Lament said...

Why doesn't Vera Wang get inspired and create a hanbok-style wedding gown??? These are absolutely beautiful.

JMW said...

these are absolutely breathtaking hanboks! I agree with the previous comment that Vera Wang should get inspired by these.