Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back from my Cruise! The Ports ~

Today I'm showing the ports that I visited on my cruise. I visited ports in Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. I've a photo or two of every port I visited. It's been pouring and cold here in San Fran and going to warm weather made me realize how much I missed the sunshine. I moved to San Francisco about a year ago. Prior to that, I lived about an hour away in Silicon Valley which is much warmer. Mark Twain has quoted that he thought San Francisco has among the coldest summers in any city. I've found that I had to replace all of my summer clothing with fall clothes for the summer. Anywho, come with me and take a look at where I was last week.

St. Thomas has an amazingly beautiful deep water part. The cruise ships can dock o
right up against the island. Cruise liner ships extend 26 feet or more beneath the
surface. The cruise ship in the back is a Disney ship. It was soo cool to hear the ship
toot its horn and play the Disney theme before sailing off.

Another look at the port of St. Thomas. St. Thomas has really great
duty free shopping. Perfumes, jewelry, liquor, you name it.
Most especially diamonds!! Gotta be into the bling.

No visit is complete to San Juan without a visit to the largest
Bacardi factory in the world :) My favorite is the Bacardi
coconut flavored rum. Yum Yum...

The Dominican Republic has beautiful rain forests and beaches.

I particularly liked the colors of this Tapas and Bar.

This is a replica of a church in the Dominican Republic.

Many famous people have vacation homes in Dominican Republic such as
Oscar de LaRenta. I took a photo of this home while we were sailing away.
Massive...and a gorgeous spot.

Haiti has some pretty amazing beaches. Nothing like a barbeque
on the beach. Going to Haiti from the Dominican Republic is interesting
because it's actually two separate halves of the same island - yet the
two different halves are very different.


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Wow Alkemie - what a FAB trip I'm having here with you!! That ship of yours looks bigger than the entire beach in that last photo!!

Villa Anna said...

omg I'm speechless...

You found utopia!

Anna :)

evelyse said...

Oh how I would love to be there right now! That is absolutely beautiful!!

Alkemie said...

Felicity, you know I didn't notice but I think you are right about the boat looking bigger than the beach hahaha.

Anna and Evelyse, I wish I could go right back. Came back to storms and rain :(