Sunday, January 20, 2008

Elegance in the Deep South

Hello! Alkemie's having a lovely break and has kindly invited me (All Things Bright and Beautiful) over to guest blog for her for the week :-)

So here's my first post for the week on Fleur de Paris .......

Now you would expect Fleur de Paris to be in, well, Paris ................ but actually it's located in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans!

Joe Parrino, Sr. opened Fleur de Paris in 1980 as a custom millinery and couture boutique with a focus on special occasions, such as weddings, balls, luncheons, Kentucky Derby, Royal Ascot and ..............the Academy Awards!!! Jo and his son design couture clothing and let the customer keep the pattern of their garment that was made for them (now you don't get that happening very often!!) They also specialise in cocktail and race wear millinery and stock beautiful accessories such as purses, scarves jewellery and lingerie amongst other things.

It is the shop for the romantic, decadent, elegant retro, feminine lady and ..................
I think we could all fit into that category one way or another!!!

All images courtesy Fleur de Paris
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