Thursday, January 3, 2008

French Macarons (macaroons)...Laduree - Part II

Here's part II to Laduree and their beautiful salons. Today I'm posting photos from Laduree's London salons. They have a small location in Harrod's (Burlington Arcade) and a full salon in Knightsbridge (the same district and area as Harrod's.)

Aren't the colors incredible?

The facade to the Laduree London salon in Knightsbridge.

A very tantalizing setting of tea and macarons.

How's this for drama!

Marble with antique stools to boot.

Beautiful furnishings and fabrics.

And of course the boutique area.


Jennifer said...

Mmmm. Very sophisticated and love the macarons and red fringe chairs! Would love to go shopping and have a tea like that!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...



You go from strength to strength...

I'm sending you back on on another break - for even more inspiration for when you come back!!!

This is one TOP quality post - I love it!

Definately the post of the week:-)!

Alkemie said...

ATB&B - Girl you totally crack me up! Believe me, I love your blog just as much lol!

Jen - If you do ever get a chance to try those macarons, let me know what you think :)