Wednesday, January 9, 2008

French Macarons (macaroons)...Laduree - Part VI

And the finale of my week long posts dedicated to Laduree. I hope you all have enjoyed the posts with one of my obsessions in life ^_^ I've certainly enjoyed all of your comments and thoughts as well. My finale is a twist from what Laduree is known for and taken from their books and publications. Laduree is publishing a gourmet travel journal that features watercolors by Elsie called "Carnet de Voyage". I really love watercolors and thought I would end on a serene note.

Now this is a dream.

The infamous purple pastry in India.

The Laduree Bonaparte Salon in Paris.

Ladurée Creators of Sweets
Text by Serge Gleizes
Photographs by Mathieu Garçon

This is a great book for eye candy with beautiful photos
and articles of Laduree's many flavors and perfumes.

Ladurée « Instants Gourmands »

Author : Pascal Bonafoux
Photographs by : Joël Laiter
Published by : Flammarion

The book is written in storybook style and talks of the
history of Laduree. Laduree pretty much invented
the modern "Salon de thé" with many famous people
linked to the now famed salon. The book also contains
recipes and tips including the recipe for macarons
which takes 24 hours to make.

You can send this Laduree watercolor in
post card format to a friend!

Speaking on the subject of watercolors, I also wanted to
mention that I'm a big fan of Anne Harwell's watercolors.
This is her latest commission below. Isn't it wonderful?

Visit her blog Annechovie. Her art is available on Etsy.


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Deara Alkemie!

You are really are in the know when it comes to Laduree!! They have a book??!! 24 hours to make a macaroon! No wonder they're so expensive!!

annechovie said...

Wonderful post, Alkemie! These Laduree watercolors are beautiful and thank you for mentioning me in such great company! Love your Blythe doll as well...

corine said...

What a week you have given us. I think I gained two pounds just reading your blog.

Alkemie said...

Corine - I feel the same way hahahha. In fact today I broke down and bought macarons to eat at the French pastry store across from where I work. Totally rich and totally worth it. Although I don't want the extra 2 pounds...

ATB&B - You always crack me up hehe.

Anne - It was a pleasure and I love Blythe dolls too! :)

Nicole said...

Beautiful watercolors! I love them all! Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

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