Monday, January 28, 2008

Swirls and light

I'm loving this background screen by British designer Jona Hoad Design. Jona is most famous for his illuminart and bespoke lighting for residential and commercial interiors.
I'm looking at his work and I'm thinking "Is he using laser cut metal over a colour filtered background light or what?"

What he actually uses is an embossed acrylic cover with LED technology lighting behind it.

Now here's a little bit of physics for you - which is probably WAY to much for you if you're doing a power surf through blogland to say a quick hello.

But for those of you who have the time and inclination LED is basically is a Light Emitting semiconductor Diode that can emit different colours of light (depending on the element added to it) without having to have a colour filter over it that traditional lighting requires. (Now that is as simple as I can explain it with out sounding like an electrophysicist!!!)

Below is some of his work in the Vanilla Bar in the UK which really shows off the LED and Jona's designs well.

All images courtesy Jona Hoad Design


E. P. said...

Yum! I'd like an appletini.

nay-k said...

this bar looks amazing!!!!!
btw: great blog ;-)

girl meets glamour said...

So fun, I want to be at that bar right now!!


flow said...

wow - these are so fun and sexy!!!

jenn lee