Friday, January 11, 2008

Toronto's Smallest House

I came across this from an email my mom forwarded me. I thought it was pretty interesting. Here it is...Toronto's Smallest House on Sale.

It occupies what used to be a driveway. One bedroom, one bathroom house that sits in between two houses and is just under 300 square feet. Original asking price was a whopping $179,000 (canadian dollars) !! Which at this point is about 1:1 with the US Dollar.

The house was built in 1912. The owner had some offers but they fell through and it was relisted for $173,000 CAD.

Dwarfed between two larger homes, the detached bungalow was bought in the spring of 2006 for $139,000 CAD and totally renovated inside and out, including a new decorative window for its gabled roof, hardwood floors, new cabinetry, appliances, a stone walkway and gardens. This was the owner's "flip" project." Although I personally don't see how he could have made money on this making all of these changes when he bought it for $139,000 to begin with...

The house was originally built by a contractor where he lived in it for 20 years.

Dwarfed by the two homes by it. It's so cute!

Entrance/Living Room.

Living room - looking towards the back of the house.

Renovated kitchen and new appliances.

Bedroom in the back.

Bedroom with the Murphy bed down. In this space, you
pretty much have to have a Murphy bed. There isn't
even any space to walk around it.

Surprising but neat that this little
house actually has a backyard!

What do you think? Would you live in a house like this?


Anonymous said...


This is coming from Heather but I don't really know how to "sign-in" or "sign-up" for blogging. Funny little house - I don't know about you but even in the pictures I feel like I have to hold my breath and walk on tip-toes because its so narrow. Although the place has nice renovations, I would feel claustrophobic and get cabin fever in a matter of minutes.

Impressive that there's even a washer & dryer though and I like the front of the house. Where's the bathroom? Interiors could use some paint however and the "backyard" could use some potted shrubbery. I think if anyone wants to live in such a small unique place, the interiors should also be equipped with the quaint and unusual.

Just my thoughts...

P.S. I really like the header picture of your living room - looks really professional.

Anna Spiro said...

Very interesting house - thanks for showing! I however, couldn't live in a house like this and agree with Heather above - I would feel very claustrophobic! The front is pretty though!
Anna said...

I think this house is a great testament to using space more wisely and the fact that it is popping up now might indicated a renewed interest in this trend.

Could I live there? If I had to, it is certainly nice enough but realistically I'm feeling a bit of claustrophobia ;-)


Pigtown-Design said...

My last house was 9.5 feet wide. My current one is 11.5. You get used to it and it challenges your creativity.

girl meets glamour said...

Um, are you kidding...well at least it has a cute lil outdoor space, but from the front it looks like the storage shed for the houses next to it!


Syana said...

I live in a quite small house but I never thought that "smaller houses" existed?

But I mean who lives there? The seven dwarves? ^^ It's waay too cute and classy for dwarves! I could seriously live there since I'm quite petite. I don't need big spaces ( exception though! --> the bathroom +wardrobe ).

It's even practical, if you get home after a party and you're totally pissed, at least you don't get lost in your own house right? SO COOL! ( Trust me.. I know friends that experienced that confusing and awkward moment)

Anyhooo, I'm happy you enjoyed the pictures from Paris, even I'm quite disappointed I couldn't stay longer to practice more my photography skills. But no stress, because I'm going back in Feb, it's only 4 hours drive. So make sure you come back on my blog to check the pics yeah?

xoxox love your blog, keep it up!

flow said...

Hahhaa... i can't believe your blogged on this and i had posted on my blog - freaky!

This house is so cute, could never personally live in anything that tiny but kudo's to whomever can!!! LOL

jenn lee~

katiedid said...

I can't imagine. I agree with the first anon. The house should have some very unique and quaint interior features to make it worth the discomfort. The inside could be any standard small apartment. The outside is adorable though!:)

Wanderluster said...

Cute! Its like living in a doll house.

Jennifer said...

Honestly? Absolutely no way. I'm only 5'2" and this house would drive even me crazy!

J's Crew said...

Personally, I am all about the small house. I could live there and would,I just wouldn't stay too long.

corine said...

I wouldn't mind the size, but I don't know about that squeeeezed feeling!

Jennifer R. said...

depends what part of town...if it was between two townhomes in manhattan...the answer is YES I WOULD LIVE THERE!

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

HA!! living in HK??!! - I can totally relate to this house!!!

acaligurl said...

ha! i think the word claustrophobic is bigger than the house itself :)
there is a house here in my town that is similar i will have to get a pic and post, although the one i see in town has the illusion of being bigger!

Things That Inspire said...

Fascinating post! I loved seeing the interior of the house. I wonder who will buy it? Maybe one of the bigger houses to the side should buy it as their guest cottage or au pair suite!

Alkemie said...

It is so much fun reading everyone's comments and thoughts on this place. I have admit that this is definitely a smaller place then where I lived in Hong Kong but in North America it would deinitely be a squeeze to live in. I never thought of it as a guest cottage to one of the homes besiede it but it really would work out well that way wouldn't it?
What surprised me most was the small backyard which you wouldn't think a house like this would have.

Mélanie said...

Very interesting . Even if I love big space , I could live there as it seems a doll house ..perfect for a " Barbie" like me ..I'm kidding

Kitchen Cabinets Toronto said...

Nice Collection But i like kitchen and floor colors.

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