Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jamie Drake ~ New York City Loft

I bet you guys thought I was done with Drake :P Nope.
No such luck yet... I think I have a variation of the
seasonal OCD that M&Co termed except with subjects
and posts ^_^ Since I have this disorder anyways, maybe
I ought to feature 1-2 designers every month with other
posts interspersed. What do you guys think?

Another gorgeous flat from Jamie Drake. I really love
brown rooms and the way he just used a simple backdrop
with colorful furniture just really works. Makes me want
to snuggle in that brown velvet sofa to read a book.

This is a cozy little room. Perfect to hang out with the girls.

I admit, this room is VERY bright. But I
still wanted to share it.

And one of my favorite colors, Purple. I really love Jamie
Drake's rug. The rug is one from his own line.

Let the patina of your life enrich your home - Jamie Drake

All photos courtesy of the Jamie Drake website.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jean-Louis Deniot ~ And a Stunning Parisian Antiques Store

What did I say about my obsessive compulsive-
ness? Here is a continuance of more Jean-Louis
Deniot work :-) My mom always told me the
Chinese version of "Jack of all trades and master
of none" described me well. In her words, she
would always say that I had a whole collection
of knives but none of them were sharp ^_^ It
took me a while to figure out what it actually
meant. So I think my obsessive compulsion
allows me to study just enough depth to be able
to talk about almost any subject - but I'm not
an expert at any of them...So on with my most
recent obsession.

ISn't this antique store just Stunning?! Deniot
did the interiors and somehow it fits perfectly
with the color of the all the antiques to create
drama. I just stared for a while at these photos
when I first saw them.

So what's the verdict? Love it or what?

All photos courtesy of Jean Louis Deniot's website.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jean-Louis Deniot ~ Genius French Designer

Ok, I must admit that I have some strong
obsessive compulsive tendencies. I've found
another designer to "stalk." Monsieur Jean-Louis
Deniot ~ FABulous Parisian designer who now
has offices in Paris and in New York City. This
chateau just outside of Paris was featured in
House Beautiful magazine September 2004.
I am Totally in love with his interiors!

Get a load of this cover!

Set in the countryside right outside of
Paris, the owner wanted interiors that
were "livable" as he entertains a great
deal and has a dog as well. He did not
want anything that was too formal.
Deniot did a wonderful job in designing
and renovating the interiors of this very
outdated chateau. When the owner
bought the place, it had only one working
bathroom. Chantilly is the name of the

Here's the cover - one of the guest
bedrooms on its own.

The sunlight looks amazing in this place.

The modern take on a classic clawfoot
tub, the orange and gray are an
unexpected surprise.

This room looks quite modern.

And Monsieur Jean-Louis Deniot himself.
He's actually quite young :-)

So what do you all think of Chantilly and
Jean-Louis Deniot's interiors?

All photos courtesy of Jean-Louis Deniot's website

Monday, February 25, 2008

Jamie Drake ~ An Eclectic NYC Flat

Jamie Drake did a project on an upper east side New York
City flat. This flat is a great example of well Jamie Drake
does eclectic mixes for interiors. I really love how personal
the whole design looks. It doesn't really look like those
perfect rooms that are so obviously planned. He mixes so
many different colors and styles. Right off the bat - I see
orange, green, yellow and pink. He manages to blend
everything so it doesn't clash. All of the rooms look very
"lived in."

I love the ornate gold mirror and the unexpected
polk-a-dot round rug!

Again, what a blend of color! The
small ceramic heads are so cute.

What are the elements that you noticed in these rooms?

Life is eclectic and and design should reflect that - Jamie Drake

All images from Jamie Drake's website.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Jamie Drake ~ Kips Bay 2007 Showhouse

I'm sure many of you have seen the first couple
of photos of Jamie Drake's Kips bay 2007
Showhouse. This particular room showcases
his furniture lines and fabric line he has designed
for Schumacher. I've seen a couple of photos here
and there for this showhouse but not one cohesive
post or article that has shown the entire thing.
The room he did is actually pretty huge. I leave
you with Drake's Ultra Girly and very Pink
showhouse. Very bold.

Jamie Drake is really talented with monochromatic. He
manages to draw drama a lot of drama out of them. I can
imagine this room in many other color palettes as well.
It would be neat in white and silver.

I also love his eclectic style in mixng period
pieces with more modern pieces such as the
lucite chair.

Love the polk-a-dot bench! Both the
bench and the fabric come from Jamie
Drake's collections.

Imagine having a closet with shoes and clothes that look
like an upscale boutique!

The armoire from his collection is
shockingly pink!! I think it's the only
color it comes in!

From this angle, you can see the other side of the bedroom
and the placement of the furniture. This room is pretty
huge. At first I even thought the whole collection of photos
was a flat, but it's actually one room and closet!

Love the pink tweed on the chair.

And the man himself.

Meg at Pigtown Design did an earlier post on the
Kips showhouse that referenced Jamie Drake's room
as well. Do check it out here.

What are your favorite elements?

A fully finished room carries its color with pride - Jamie Drake

All photos courtesy of Jamie Drake's website.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mary McDonald's Blue & White Garden

I absolutely fell in love with this blue and white garden
that Mary McDonald designed. She uses really unexpected
accents to get such an elegently beautiful and livable

Outdoor living at it's finest. The blue and
white vases remind me of Anne Spiro's
mother's house which is fileld with the
same type of blue and white jars. Check
the post here. If I had a place like this in
my backyard, chances are I'd be spending
a whole Lot of time there...

I find her use of the blue and white jars
repeated through the gardens an unexpected
surprise. But I am really liking what I see -
especially the top photo in this spread.

The pink is so brilliant against the blue.
What a gorgeous color pairing.

All photos courtesy of Mary McDonald's site.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jamie Drake's New York City Loft

I've been seeing this photo here and there lately and didn't
realize that it was from Jamie Drake's own NYC loft on
Fifth Avenue. His use of magenta is fascinating and really
draws your eyes. It doesn't hurt that I love this color.
It was really fun to explore the rest of the house instead of
just seeing the above photo.

More use of the magenta in his living room. It's a very
vibrant and unexpected color. His style is definitely
eclectic which I love as I can never seem to stick to one
style since I love so many!

Got to love the curvaceous hot pink number!

He did his own room in shocking yellow. I'm not sure I
could live in a room quite this bright. To each their own.

I absolutely love his guest bedroom though.
Colors, textures, definitely more soothing than
his yellow bedroom!

His guest bedroom has even made it to the
cover of a design book.

At Home With Color

by Matthew Dennison (Author), Grainne Dennison (Author),
Chris Everard (Photographer)

Anything works if you love it - Jamie Drake

All photos courtesy of the Jamie Drake website.