Friday, February 1, 2008

Back from Cruise! ~ The FOOD. YUM YUM.

And my final post on my cruise is of course surrounding FOOD~ Lots and Lots of it !! I definitely gained weight on this cruise and so now I must go on a diet to shed this excess :( During one of the formal nights on a cruise, all major cruise liners have something called the Midnight Buffet which literally starts at midnight. It usually involves miles and miles of delicately carved and prepared food, ice carvings, and etc. Every cruise liner does it differently. Here is is, the midnight buffet.

They cleared out all the tables to fit in the buffet area.

Loads and Loads of food!

Food Carved Bouquet of Flowers.

I really loved this table of breads.

And the cutest was this bakery with a baker making
croissants - all made out of bread. Soo cute!

One of my favorite photos of the wine table.

And of course, no midnight buffets can be without ice carvings.

Here's the grand finale of a dragon carved in ice.



Thank you for sharing your (visual) journey with us. The food looks incredible. I'm sure you were inspired by everything you saw. Wonderful!

katiedid said...

Welcome back! It looks like you had a great time! :)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Karen - Ive put on 5 Kgs just looking at this!!! Oh DY would be in his element here!! Did you stay up every night?? :-)

Alkemie said...

Felicity, I think I actually did gain 5 kgs ugggh. I am planning to go on a diet to work it off. Probably one of the only bad side effects to cruising ^_^

Thanks Katie! I did have a great time.

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