Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Barbara Barry ~ Part I

Barbara Barry has a style I can really appreciate. What first caught my eye were her designs with the chair motifs shown below. The more I saw of her products, the more I liked her flair. I'm going to start by introducing some of the lines of products that she has designed and move on to interiors that she has done the rest of the week.

Barbara Barry's line of fabrics she has designed for Kravet.

Her bed linens collection.

I love Wedgewood! Her teacups are simple yet classy.

And the design that really caught my eye.
Her chair motifs. I really have got to myself a set of these!

And not to mention the pillows...

Her candles have her chair designs on them as well.

Barbara Barry has also designed different
lines of furniture and chairs.

I really love the Linen cupboard and the huge oval table!

Her Oval Collection for BLoomingdales.
My favorite is the desk.

If I were to choose one chair from Barbara Barry's
chair collection, I would choose this one to the
left with the squigly lines.

What are your favorite items?

All photos courtesy of Barbara Barry's website.


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dear Alkemie - Suzy Annetta i is a HUGE fan of Barbara Barry :-) - I'm sure she will love this post :-)

Hugs FelicityX

girl meets glamour said...

I love her designs and esp when they're on tableware!!


M&Co said...

Soo elegant! Love the delicate colors!

Mélanie said...

I love her designs and her candles with her armchairs on them are fabulous !!!
Very chic

Villa Anna said...

OMG I'm stunned. Barbara Barry's designs are too die for! Those chair motifs on the pillows etc are GORGEOUS! And THAT DESK?!?! I want one! lol

Thank you for introducing me to this fabulous designer.

Anna :)

Alkemie said...

I love her stuff too :) Thanks for the wonderful comments girls !!

Suzy said...

Hello, I can't beleive I've never seen your blog before! I am a huge fan (as Felicity pointed out) of BB. Love all those pics!