Thursday, February 7, 2008

Barbara Barry - Part II

The St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco is a very famous, older building and hotel right off of Union Square (the San Francisco shopping district). Our company actually had our yearly kick off meeting there. It is a gorgeous hotel and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Barbara Barry had actually designed the Lounge in the front entrance.

The Lounge in the St. Francis Hotel.

Barbara Barry has also done design work for many other
hotels such as the Berkely Hotel in London.

The Savoy hotel in London.

And residential work as well. I love the wooden
framed chair in the background.

The bath looks so serene.

This place in New York almost looks like an upscale
commercial gallery or lobby of some sort to a hotel.

Love the flowers on the wall.

Lovely Dining rooms and chairs.

And modern decor for a residence in the Palm Desert.
She's very versatile.

What do you think of her work?

All images courtesy of the Barbara Barry website.

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