Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jamie Drake ~ New York City Loft

I bet you guys thought I was done with Drake :P Nope.
No such luck yet... I think I have a variation of the
seasonal OCD that M&Co termed except with subjects
and posts ^_^ Since I have this disorder anyways, maybe
I ought to feature 1-2 designers every month with other
posts interspersed. What do you guys think?

Another gorgeous flat from Jamie Drake. I really love
brown rooms and the way he just used a simple backdrop
with colorful furniture just really works. Makes me want
to snuggle in that brown velvet sofa to read a book.

This is a cozy little room. Perfect to hang out with the girls.

I admit, this room is VERY bright. But I
still wanted to share it.

And one of my favorite colors, Purple. I really love Jamie
Drake's rug. The rug is one from his own line.

Let the patina of your life enrich your home - Jamie Drake

All photos courtesy of the Jamie Drake website.


Sue said...

What pretty colors Mr. Drake uses. Thanks for introducing him to me.

flow said...

i love the different art works utilized. so colorful!

Rebecca said...

That has to be the coolest idea - incorporate a small club room into a corner. That rocks.

annechovie said...

Karen~ I love the fact that you feature so much color! I really like Jamie's color choices - the opposite of dull!

Alkemie said...

Sue - Thanks!! I'm glad you like Mr. Drake as much as I do.

Jen - I agree that his choices in artwork are pretty cool.

Rebecca - I really like the small club room too - looks so cozy.

Anne - Thanks so much! I really appreciate the compliment coming from someone as talented as you are.

M&Co said...

Hihi I was reading this post and suddenly I saw that you were suffering of a variation of my disease ;-) Gosh...I think all us bloggers are a bit obsessive! Thanks for the mention - Psychology today next ;-)!!

Btw. Please keep the Obsession going I soo love your Jamie Drake posts! I love getting to know more about his stunning aesthetics!

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I love it!! especially last one - it's so freaky design, in colored like I lov!