Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jamie Drake's New York City Loft

I've been seeing this photo here and there lately and didn't
realize that it was from Jamie Drake's own NYC loft on
Fifth Avenue. His use of magenta is fascinating and really
draws your eyes. It doesn't hurt that I love this color.
It was really fun to explore the rest of the house instead of
just seeing the above photo.

More use of the magenta in his living room. It's a very
vibrant and unexpected color. His style is definitely
eclectic which I love as I can never seem to stick to one
style since I love so many!

Got to love the curvaceous hot pink number!

He did his own room in shocking yellow. I'm not sure I
could live in a room quite this bright. To each their own.

I absolutely love his guest bedroom though.
Colors, textures, definitely more soothing than
his yellow bedroom!

His guest bedroom has even made it to the
cover of a design book.

At Home With Color

by Matthew Dennison (Author), Grainne Dennison (Author),
Chris Everard (Photographer)

Anything works if you love it - Jamie Drake

All photos courtesy of the Jamie Drake website.


Suzy said...

I seriously love this apartment, but never realised it was Mr Drake's own abode. His use of Magenta is pretty brave, but actually when you look at the rest of the room he's used a medly of beautiful warm neutrals and the magenta is introduced to give the room a bit of pop. Love it!

Alkemie said...

Me too! I had no idea it was his own place until I read an article on it in a magazine that identified the place as his own.

Anonymous said...

He's a brave man...even though it is one of my favorite colors it would be a little to bold for me. But he did a great job.

Washington Cube said...

Eh. Visually? Stunning. Day to day living? No.

annechovie said...

I have had his apartment from Elle Decor in my favorites for a long time. I love his use of color and the fact that he is bold with it. I am with you, I am crazy about magenta and it is used here to stunning effect. Good for him - he has "color chutzpah" and I for one really admire that! Thank you - great post!

M&Co said...

ohh...what a stunning use of color!! Thanks for this inspiering post!!

girl meets glamour said...

Lots of bright color, it's so nice to see these parings!! My fav of course is the yellow bedroom!!

Turquoise Chic said...

Wow! I don't typically like the color magenta but I am seriously loving this apartment. So beautiful!

Villa Anna said...

"Got to love the curvaceous hot pink number!"

Yes I do!!

Anna ;)

{this is glamorous} said...

I'm with Kate on this one--that yellow bedroom is my favourite :)

Alkemie said...

Girls it was so fun reading all of your comments and opinions! I love magenta but have rarely seen a designer use it so well. I have to say that I used to not like yellow for a room color - but it has grown on me.

Mike said...

I love how the drapes, blanket and dresser are all yellow in that one room.