Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jean-Louis Deniot ~ And a Stunning Parisian Antiques Store

What did I say about my obsessive compulsive-
ness? Here is a continuance of more Jean-Louis
Deniot work :-) My mom always told me the
Chinese version of "Jack of all trades and master
of none" described me well. In her words, she
would always say that I had a whole collection
of knives but none of them were sharp ^_^ It
took me a while to figure out what it actually
meant. So I think my obsessive compulsion
allows me to study just enough depth to be able
to talk about almost any subject - but I'm not
an expert at any of them...So on with my most
recent obsession.

ISn't this antique store just Stunning?! Deniot
did the interiors and somehow it fits perfectly
with the color of the all the antiques to create
drama. I just stared for a while at these photos
when I first saw them.

So what's the verdict? Love it or what?

All photos courtesy of Jean Louis Deniot's website.


Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

love it!

Mélanie said...

Let's get an oscar for HIM

Anonymous said...

Love it! But, what is the name of the shop? Where is it?

Pigtown-Design said...

The pink stripes remind me of Dorothy Draper!

M&Co said...

hihi great proverb! I think I fall in the same cathegory ;-) That shop is awsome! Thank you for letting me know about it!

Topsy Turvy said...

The color scheme is wonderful. Looks almost like hand-tinted b&w photos. Lana

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dear Alkemie,

its pink, full of antiques and beautiful moldings - of course I give it the thumbs up :-).

You my dear are an expert in finding beautiful interiors and spreading the word:-). You have interest and enthusiasm and that will take you a long way :-).

I am fascinated what is your day job/ background by the way (aside from purveyor of fine magazines and style :-)?

Dont worry - you dont have to tell if you don't want to:-)



katiedid said...

A+! I love the photos with just a hint of color they are very romantic. :)

Alkemie said...

Thanks Abbey!

Melnaie - You're too cute. An Oscar it is :-)

Anonymous - Paris. The only description I have of where the shop is : Galerie rue des Saints Peres

Meg - I liked the stripes too.

Lana - I couldn't put a figure on how to describe the look and feel and I think you're absolutely right. It does sort of look like a black and white with some color painted on!

Felicity - You sweetie, I also loved the moldings too. And my latest color obsession has been gray. I feel a post coming on for that hehe. My day job has absolutely nothing to do with beauty :( Which is why this blog and blogs like yours keep me going. To be continued in an email ^_^

Katie - I totally agree!

Jesus Cordeiro said...

I love it. These pieces are always a special place.

Anonymous said...

Alkemie ----Thanks for the answer. Actually, after asking the question, I found his web site, and got my answer.
That is the area where I usually stay when in Paris, and I think that I looked in the windows on my last trip (a year ago--January), but it was closed. My bad luck! Oh well, I have somthing to look forward to next trip!
My old House Beautiful's are packed up (as a result of a recent move) to check it out, but as I remember, doesn't the Jean-Louis Denoit chateau in the previsous
posting, belong to Michael Bruno, the owner/founder/President of 1st dibs?
Love your postings ----Thanks!

Teal Chic said...

this is absolutely stunning!

Mike said...

I wish I could actually go to this attic store and see it real life. Sadly I can't.