Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jean-Louis Deniot ~ Genius French Designer

Ok, I must admit that I have some strong
obsessive compulsive tendencies. I've found
another designer to "stalk." Monsieur Jean-Louis
Deniot ~ FABulous Parisian designer who now
has offices in Paris and in New York City. This
chateau just outside of Paris was featured in
House Beautiful magazine September 2004.
I am Totally in love with his interiors!

Get a load of this cover!

Set in the countryside right outside of
Paris, the owner wanted interiors that
were "livable" as he entertains a great
deal and has a dog as well. He did not
want anything that was too formal.
Deniot did a wonderful job in designing
and renovating the interiors of this very
outdated chateau. When the owner
bought the place, it had only one working
bathroom. Chantilly is the name of the

Here's the cover - one of the guest
bedrooms on its own.

The sunlight looks amazing in this place.

The modern take on a classic clawfoot
tub, the orange and gray are an
unexpected surprise.

This room looks quite modern.

And Monsieur Jean-Louis Deniot himself.
He's actually quite young :-)

So what do you all think of Chantilly and
Jean-Louis Deniot's interiors?

All photos courtesy of Jean-Louis Deniot's website


Topsy Turvy said...

Oh my gosh, gorgeous! Love it all, esp. the bedroom with the striped beds and flower wallpaper. Lana

Rebecca said...

That bath tub makes my day!

flow said...

the lighting in the dining room looks like stars falling from the ceilings...so lovely! and Monsieur Jean-Louis isn't all that bad looking if I don't say so! LOL

Ashley said...

Wow! Fabulous indeed. I love it! What a young talent he is.

Villa Anna said...

I love it! He did a brilliant job. It's livable with that ever so important touch of French opulence.

p.s Monsieur Jean-louis is YUMMY which means he's probably gay :( lol

Anna ;)

M&Co said...

Oh sooo elegant! The bathroom is gorgeous! I'm laughing at your obsessive compulsive tendencies, as I've been writing about my seasonal obsessive disorder and style schitzoprenia today ;-)

{this is glamorous} said...

Karen, what a stunning place! So regal and relaxed at the same time. Every room is so lovely, it's difficult to pick a favourite.

Alkemie said...

Love the comments!!

Lana - that room is very elegant :)

Rebecca- I quite like the way he did the bathtub too :)

Ashley & Jen - I agree that he really isn't bad looking and very young for what he's accomplished. I never thought about the dining room as stars in the sky but you're right :)

Anna - you are hilarious! and probably right LOL ;)

M&Co - I totally have obsessive compulsive tendencies. I've done some stuff that even I think are embarrassing and there must be something wrong with me LOL. Nothing like stalking of the real sort lol but let me just say a wall full of paint chips in a store in every single color...I'll say no more...I must come and visit your post on this.

Kate - I totally agree, I like many of the rooms in this chateau and they're all so different.

Mélanie said...

Why didn't you ask what do we think about Monsieur Deniot himself ?
I love his decoration style and I love his style ...

Alkemie said...

Melanie - I didn't want to be presumptuous but you're right LOL. He's young, talented, and good looking :)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Alkemie - I am totally laughing here!! "Another designer to stalk" - I love it - I think your best stalking effort ever was Laduree :-) what do you think?

And I might add that the monsieur has LOVELY taste - that bed with the gorgeous coloured curtain from the bed crown is lovely.

Hugs and to be perfectly honest - were all design stalkers in a way - me and Alannah Hill and Betsey Johnson, Suzy and Barbara Barry, EVERYONE and Kelly Wearstler there a while back.

So when the design police come to arrest all the stalkers - we'll all be in jail together - but trust me the cells will look divine :-).

Brilliant Asylum said...

Fantastic bathroom. I like how it proportioned more like a regular room, with the fixtures acting as freestanding furniture pieces.

Alkemie said...

Felicity - I think you're right that we would all have DIVINE cells hahahaha. I'll have to agree that my most intense "stalking" has been Laduree so far. It looks it opened Pandora's box :-) I pretty much shoved over a week's worth of Laduree down everyone's throat.

Brilliant - That's a great observation. I didn't realize that - it's probably what makes it look more "lived in."

annechovie said...

Deniot has style and taste galore! Great post, Karen. I am really enjoying your blog.

franki durbin said...

I just love it when I find someone new to follow. You're right.. that orange and grey tub is so unexpected. talk about fun!

For someone so young, he has a refined visual palette. It's interesting to see someone who looks so youthful and hip digging so deep into historical roots. marvelous!

Alkemie said...

Franki - great observations! I was so surprised that he was so young! I think he's in his very early 30s.

Kitchen Benchtops said...

I seriously had to do an intake of breath when I saw this bedroom. gorgeous. fabulous. perfect. my dream bedroom.

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