Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My New Obsession - Jamie Drake

My new obsession is with the designer Jamie Drake. I absolutely LOVE his color palettes! I'm probably going to go a bit crazy as I usually do with new obsessions and do a group of postings on Jamie Drake's designs.

Jamie Drake has a very impressive background starting at Parsons where he was able to complete an internship with Angelo Donghia. He has been inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame and has a most impressive list of clients including Michael Bloomberg and Madonna. Bloomberg's commission have included New York City Hall outside of his personal properties.

The below photos come from his Hampton's 2005 Showhouse.

Love the color palette and look at the
Lucite bed posts!

What's your favorite element?

Living well is a never ending proposition - Jamie Drake

All photos courtesy of Jamie Drake's website.


Washington Cube said...

Funny how the eye "gloms" onto things isn't it? What caught my eye immediately was the carpet in the bedroom, and the two opposing chairs by the desk. Wasn't crazy about the art on the walls or the window treatments, and not a fan of lucite furniture.

Pigtown-Design said...

Here are some Jamie Drake pix from last year's Kip's Bay showhouse in NYC.


The Peak of Chic said...

I think Drake's interiors are so much fun. Even though I probably couldn't live with such saturated, bright colors, I admire his work. It's def. bold!

flow said...

I love these images - how feminine and dreamy! I absolutely love the drapes, the textures and colors used in this space!

flow said...

I love these images - how feminine and dreamy! I absolutely love the drapes, the textures and colors used in this space!

girl meets glamour said...

Wow, how amazing to work with Angelo Donghia while in school!!

emily@designsmack said...

Very lovely! The colours, the drapes, and the headbed are beautiful!

corine said...

I love the padded green bed in the first picture. the colors are like gems.

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Alkemie - you never fail to inspire with your lovely finds - love the pale blues and interesting to combine with olive greens - not something I would naturally do.

You know who's going to love this post? Villa Anna I'll bet :-)

Hugs bug and great find.

Hugs F XX

Alkemie said...

Wow Girls! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's thought and comments. I'll be posting more on him :-)

Meg - I'll be adding your link to one of my future posts of Jamie Drake. Thanks for the link!

katiedid said...

He's someone I will have to look into! Interesting mix. :)