Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Parker Palm Springs ~ The Rooms

I did a previous post on the grounds of the Parker Palm Springs and am now following up to show off some of their rooms and suites. They look very homey.

This Eames lounge chair looks wonderful in
white leather. It's a very crisp and clean feeling.

This looks like such a lovely outdoor picnic.

In total, a very eclectic room.

The corduroy looks so very plush.

I like the contrasting piping on the white chairs and
the chocolate brown sofa looks very inviting.

I like the last photo most of all. Which room would you rather stay in?

All photos courtesy of The Parker Palm Springs website.


M&Co said...

I love the outdoor area! Soo retro picnic like :-) I'd love to stay in the room with the Eames chair, and doors to the garden :-)

girl meets glamour said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Word is that I might run into you at the So Chic book signing on the 26th...can't wait!!


Alkemie said...

Mandy, I really like the picnic area and the eames chair too!

Kate - I'm excited to be able to meet you as well!! I hope we'll recognize each other.

The Paris Apartment said...

Fresh and pretty. Love the portrait over the bed.

acaligurl said...
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acaligurl said...

i could so lounge on the recliner.

flow said...

OMG Where do I get a throw like the one in the first image... stunning!

Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

I love that picnic!

Joanna Goddard said...

i would love to stay here and have a fabulous picnic.

Jennifer said...

I`d take the first one. I love those lampshades!


Gosh. I would love to sleep and spend more time on the first photo, so is the second bedroom too. Those bedrooms are to die for serenity!definitely so homey...In-love about the spaces they are beautiful!!!thanks for sharing.