Friday, February 15, 2008

Samantha Thavasa ~ Bags & Accessories

Samantha Thavasa is a hugely popular bag and accessories company that has a cult following in Japan. Although the name sounds western or European, there is actually no such person called Samantha Thavasa. It is a fabricated and invented name by the Japanese man who started the company in 1994. Samantha Thavasa is a wholly owned Japanese company. You may wonder why choose such a name for the company. Some of the most successful companies in Japan have employed the same strategy. Western brands are hugely popular in Japan and giving a brand a western name makes it easier to brand and to gain popularity.

Their designs are most popular in Japan with women in their 20s and they have opened up a store in New York City.

A Samantha Thavasa store in Tokyo.

Most Samantha Thavasa bags and wallets use
their signature logo - a heart. As you can see,
their designs are young and hip.

These polk-a-dot wallets are cute.

Mettalic silver and copper wallets.

Very pretty pastel colors! I especially like the
lilac one as I'm partial to lavender.

I really like their mettalic gold line
of bags. Very nice!

And for the sporty... Here's a great bag
you can throw everything in.

Love the polk-a-dot lined silver wallet.

How's this pink number? It could be seen as a bit teenage
I must admit. But common on! We're talking about a nation
(Japan) who loves Hello Kitty and women who still shop at Sanrio
well into their 30s. To tell you the truth, I still own my Hello Kitty
collection and browse at Sanrio stores from time to time...

What do you think?


Patricia Gray said...

I love the color of the first bag!

Alkemie said...

Patricia - Me too, it's my favorite!

Mike said...

The colors of the bags are what make them adorable.