Monday, March 31, 2008

More from The Rug Company and Alexander Girard FLOR tiles

Ok, I'm not quite done with rugs yet... I'm also a big fan
of floor carpet tiles which you can make rugs with. They
are a green product, easy to clean and come in many
different shapes and colors. I was recently sent some
beautiful photos from FLOR as part of their announcement
of a new line of floor tiles they have. I really liked the
colors and patterns and thought it was worth sharing with

Alexander Girard was one of the foremost textile designers
of the 20th century. He was born in New York City but was
raised in Florence, Italy. He is most widely known for his
career at Herman Miller where he was the head of their fabric
and textile division. He worked with George Nelson and Charles
and Ray Eames to create furniture designs that went on to
influence the rest of the world. Later, his fabrics came to have
a heavy influence from folk art which he and his wife had
amassed a huge collection of.

FLOR is releasing their new line of Alexander
Girard floor tiles later this spring. They do
not have an exact date of release yet but will
have an introductory offer to those who are
interested. The tiles come in four different
shades and different sizes. The colors are
brilliant and very fun. I think the smaller
pattern is quite cute. What do you think?

Last time I focused on floral motifs from The Rug Company.
This time I'm focusing on their more contemporary patterns
like this one designed for Paul Smith. I've always loved
the colors and patterns of his signature stripes.

I think this room is pretty spectacular.

An interesting way of using a modern rug pattern
and color juxtaposed with very traditional furnishings.

Chocoloate and Plum. Yummm!! I love tea
and thought it was so cool to leave a tea cup
and saucer in the middle of this photo.

Cowhide rug - to a new level. Isn't the
checkered pattern so cool! Like a
variance of the chessboard.

Just looking at this rug makes me
want to roll around in it :-)

Love the color palette in this one. Somehow,
the fact that it is a bit dark in this room totally
lends itself to the overall feel and color combination.

A fun aerial view.

Psychodelic colors! Is the sofa and
rug vibrant or what?

This photo strikes me as the epitomy
of mid-century design. I love the colors
in the rug.

What a fun pattern and colors!

Which rugs were your favorite?
I don't know about you but I know it
makes me want to buy a rug even
though I don't need one...

All photos from The Rug Company and FLOR.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Alkemie's Fashion Moment

I have decided on my next business/computer bag.
It is a bright magenta patent leather business bag.
The color? I'm in love...

I discovered a wonderful Italian leather handbag and
goods maker through a great site called
You can search different designer brands on this site
and it lets you save your favourites as well. It scours
dozens of sites. The company I complete fell in love
with that I've never heard before is calle Forzieri.
Most of the items in this post are from Forzieri.

For good measure, here's the back
side to this very diva business bag.
I could pair it with this beautiful pink
and gray scarf, also found through Forzieri.

With matching shoes to boot.

And here's my next hand bag purchase.
A black suede and patent leather Stuart
Weitzman bag. I have a tendency to
carry large bags so I can throw everything
into them.

I've really been into the patent leather
look lately for its crisp sharpness.
Simple patent black cosmetic bag.

Or if you prefer red, here's
one from Donald J Pliner.

And my evening clutch. I know the "faded"
look isn't for everyone, but I just love the color.
How many clutches have you seen in this color?
If you prefer a pink handbag in lieu of the
business bag, here's a great little number.

With a belt to match. It's so cute how they
made the belt look like a cobra snake :-)

For blue lovers, never fear.
With a terrific Christian Lacroix scarf
to match (also available through Forzieri.)

I fell in love with many of the scarves
and wanted to share a few more with
you all on my fashion foray.

And a couple more cute shoes.
Would I necessarily wear this green,
probably not. But I can still admire it.
I would definitely wear this pair though.
Perfect pair of pumps for the office.

Anything You like?

All photos from the Forzieri website,

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Woodson & Rummerfield 's ~ Their own homes - Part 3 of 3

In the last post of this trilogy, I'm posting on
Ron Woodson's and Jaime Rummerfield's own
homes. The above photo comes from Ron
Woodson's living room - a wonderful blend
of micentury furniture, a tiled fireplace, and
fancy mirrors. Very light and airy without it
being too cold and modern.

One of Ron's bedrooms. Look at the fantastic
black wallpaper. It's gorgeous.

And his very soft green velvet tufted wing chair.

A close up of the star wing chair. Green,
black and white make for a gorgeous
combo. Love the nailhead detailing.

They actually offer a similar wing chair from
their store. So Haute took this photo in their
L.A. showroom.

Very bright dining area with a view.

Ron also collects vintage cuff links.
I must say, the man has great taste.

Here is Jaime at home in her wood and glass
1960s Mount Washington, Pasadena home.
It's got a very rustic and modern feel to it
with all of the glass and wooden beams.
Very cool triad of modern pendant lights.

She's got great vintage pices in her decor.

I also found out from their business
manager that their book "High Style" is
due out in September. It is going off
to the printers shortly.

So what do you think of their homes?

All photos courtesy of So Haute blog,
Western Interiors magazine, W and R

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Woodson & Rummerfield 's ~ Portfolio Sampling - Part 2 of 3

I really enjoyed exploring photos from some of
Woodson & Rummerfield's projects. Not surprisingly,
their projects are as varied as their styles and tastes
which they blend so well. It truly is an art. There's a
bit of everything from the photos in this post. Hope
you enjoy them. I particularly like the 2 green chairs
above. They are very attention grabbing. I also love
the Canary yellow canister on the coffee table. It's
a bit hard to see, I may just have to dedicate a 4th
post at some point to their W & R's offerings.

Looks like a pretty hip place to hang out to me!

Gorgeous Aqua hallways.

Here's that fab canary yellow canister
I was talking about! Available through

A soft teal bedroom.

Love the chocolate browns in this room. A hint of rococo
with that bed frame and some glam with the mirrored
chest of drawers.

Here's a bedroom from a very different
home that they did. I wonder if that
headboard is from Z-Gallerie...They carry
a bedframe very close to that style.

A couple more photos from the same landmark
Beverly hills home. It shows W & R's versatility
when it comes to design.

Love the deep blue chaise. Look at all those
yards of sumptious fabric they used for the

Here's a very mid-century style furnished home
with a lot of Danish mid-century furniture.
Quite different from the landmark home above.

Versace's Hollywood place at Beverly Ridge. Wow.
I don't know about you, but this place screams
Versace to me. Black and white with modern lines
and a ton of style and class.

I love how the space opens right out to a covered patio.
Such a great space for entertaining and enjoying that
great So Cal weather.

Love the fabric they used on the wing chair.
Any particular homes you enjoyed?