Friday, March 28, 2008

Alkemie's Fashion Moment

I have decided on my next business/computer bag.
It is a bright magenta patent leather business bag.
The color? I'm in love...

I discovered a wonderful Italian leather handbag and
goods maker through a great site called
You can search different designer brands on this site
and it lets you save your favourites as well. It scours
dozens of sites. The company I complete fell in love
with that I've never heard before is calle Forzieri.
Most of the items in this post are from Forzieri.

For good measure, here's the back
side to this very diva business bag.
I could pair it with this beautiful pink
and gray scarf, also found through Forzieri.

With matching shoes to boot.

And here's my next hand bag purchase.
A black suede and patent leather Stuart
Weitzman bag. I have a tendency to
carry large bags so I can throw everything
into them.

I've really been into the patent leather
look lately for its crisp sharpness.
Simple patent black cosmetic bag.

Or if you prefer red, here's
one from Donald J Pliner.

And my evening clutch. I know the "faded"
look isn't for everyone, but I just love the color.
How many clutches have you seen in this color?
If you prefer a pink handbag in lieu of the
business bag, here's a great little number.

With a belt to match. It's so cute how they
made the belt look like a cobra snake :-)

For blue lovers, never fear.
With a terrific Christian Lacroix scarf
to match (also available through Forzieri.)

I fell in love with many of the scarves
and wanted to share a few more with
you all on my fashion foray.

And a couple more cute shoes.
Would I necessarily wear this green,
probably not. But I can still admire it.
I would definitely wear this pair though.
Perfect pair of pumps for the office.

Anything You like?

All photos from the Forzieri website,


ChiliLady said...

I love everything, especially the bags!

kkonmymind said...

I do like that magenta bag. I am far too conservative for my own good. I need more color in my life. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Constance Blythe said...

Anything I like? I love it all but does any of it come in Blythe size?

annechovie said...

Love your computer bag choice, Karen! Wonderful color....

Pigtown-Design said...

Did you see all the purple that Carla Bruni wore when she visited England last week? Gorgeous!!!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Alkemie !!

sorry I'm laughing as I write this!!

you know what my immediate thought was???



Oh dear this is not very helpful is it!!!!

Hugs bug!!


opps caps lock

felicity said...

Dear Alkemie, I 've woken up, turned the computer on, burst out laughing and come straight over.

I love your purple donut too :-) and I love your taste in colours ( and I happen to be a great donut fan - just ask DY :-)

Bring on donuts I say! :-)

felicity said...

There you go I really have come straight over I havent even logged on as my alter ego!!!

Mike said...

I love all the different colors of the purses.

Hasaan Rocky said...

Beautiful women shoes
uk and its a nice collection and i like this.