Thursday, March 13, 2008

Candace Olson and her Divine Bathrooms

I am totally addicted to HGTV and am a huge fan of
Candace Olson's designs - especially her kitchen, bath and
bedroom designs. This post is centered on her more
recent bathroom designs for every day people. Recently,
My Notting Hill did a post on Candace Olson who was in
Washington D.C. - do check her post here.

Candace Olson designs high end and luxurious designs
and is an absolute genius when it comes to lighting. There
are few designers I find that design with lighting in mind
as well as she does. Beyond interior styling, she mostly
takes projects that include major renovations.

This photo really does not do this bathroom justice with
all of the marble finishings, stainless steel faucets and
gray walls. This is one of my favorite bathrooms.

This bathroom was designed for a couple and their dog.
Steam shower and the most shower heads and body
sprays I've ever seen in any personal shower area. She
put in 3 rain head showers above.

White and bright.

If you notice there is water falling into the tub from the
ceiling. I thought it was one of the coolest features ever.
Candace actually used bamboo flooring to cover the ceiling
of this bathroom. I thought that was absolutely brilliant.
I really also liked the lighting she had built into the tub
surround. In my top 3 favorites.

I Loved this bathroom and the TUB. The Sok tub from
Kohler. Wow! Another one of my favorites.

She even turned this very small and normal bathroom
into a luxurious space.

Which bathroom is your favorite or
would you want for yourself?

All photos from the HGTV website.


flow said...

Hi Karen,

Is that a sofa in the bathroom in the 2nd last image??? haha, how awesome! As a bath girl, the bathroom is one of my favorite places to just soak and read or lounge around and that sofa just kills me! That has to be my favorite along with the couples - 3 shower heads and I love how the bathtub is in behind the walkin shower... walk in showers are by far my favorite showers!!!! GORGEOUS!

jenn lee

Pigtown-Design said...

Growing up, we lived in a house that had a shower with ten heads... one overhead and nine from the sides. it was blissful!

acaligurl said...

ooh ahhh. (*sigh*) let me know if candace has a contest!! i want a high end luxurious bath.
i especially like the 1st & 2nd pic.

My Notting Hill said...

These bathrooms are great - I enjoyed reading the descriptions. Love your post on the colorful birds too - they're amazing. (thanks for the mention too)

Anonymous said...
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All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Villa Anna will enjoy this post - she's a bathroom girl :-)

Alkemie said...

Jen - I totally agree, the bathroom is one of my favorite placaes an I would love a big enough bathroom to have a chaise or sofa in it! I'm dreaming of multiple showerheads, clusters of body sprays and a huge soaking tub :)

Meg - A shower with 10 heads and body sprays! WOW. Am I envious.

Acaligurl - I wish she had contests too LOL. All of her stuff is definitelly because of all of the luxurious fixtures and hardware she uses $$$

My Notting Hill - Thank you! I really enjoyed reading your post on Candace Olson with all of the detailed information.

ATB&B - I'll have to see what her favorite is :)

Villa Anna said...

Omg Felicity you are a HOOT! LOL

She is right! I did absolutely LOVE this post. My bathroom is my most favourite room of the house. These bathrooms are simply divine. EVERYONE should take special care and attention to their bathroom and make is as luxurious as they can.

Argh, now I definately feel a bathroom dedication coming on!

Anna ;)