Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Coco Chanel's Paris Ritz Suite - Part I

Coco Chanel is one of the most interesting
designers in the last century. She bucked
social norm and designed "man-nish or
boyish" clothing that women could wear
comfortably and stylishly. Many of her
classic designs from the beginning never
really changed year to year. Even today,
her designs are worn. I don't think
anyone disputes the fact that Coco Chanel
had huge influence in style and fashion.

One of her classic suits. No more
corsets - rather style with comfort.

It's no secret that Coco Chanel resided in a suite
at the Hotel Ritz Paris for over 30 years. Today,
they have tried to replicate some of the rooms
in the suite and it is one of the most expensive
suites to rent on the market today in any hotel.

It costs between $4,000 and $5,000 USD to
spend one night in the suite that Coco Chanel
resided in.

These 3 very striking photos with mirrors and
dark walls I actually found as a project on
Jean-Louis Deniot's website. of the
latest designers I've been stalking. What
confuses me is that these photos look completely
different from the few photos offered on the
Hotel Ritz Paris website of the Coco Chanel Suite.

It didn't stop me from admiring the rooms as
they are so very dramatic and striking.

This photo straight above and the ones below
come straight from the Hotel Ritz Paris website
and a couple of other travel sites. The suite
is said to have 3 rooms.

The very luxurious bathroom.

The very spacious and elegant bedroom.

Isn't it odd how different the rooms look from the
Hotel's website versus the photos on Jean-Louis' website?

I had to do more digging to satisfy my curiosity. Are
these rooms really from the same suite or was it a
mistake? What do you think?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post which is
the second part to this 2 part post.

Photos courtesy of Hotel Ritz Paris, Google Images,
and Jean-Louis Deniot's website.


emily@designsmack said...

That bathroom is gorgeous. I'm getting the vapours, lol.

Rebecca said...

Where DO you find these things? :)

I'll probably always adore Chanel, whoever is designing, but man, Coco is untouchable.

kopy kitten said...

I love the Coco suite in the first pic! I just showed my boyfriend the pic and he actually liked it! I'm sure he only liked it bc there were dark masculine colors, so I'll keep it a secret that it was modeled by the one and only coco chanel. Ignorance is bliss!

Alkemie said...

Emily - I Love the bathroom too!! Every woman's dream.

Rebecca - I agree that Coco Chanel is untouchable. She was such an enigma. It was common for her to lie about her age and beginnings and she was like a chameleon - able to change her persona depending on who she was with. Just fascinating.

Kopy Kitten - I really liked photos with the dark backgrounds too. That was designed by a French designer I really liked. He labeled it as Coco Chane Suite, Hotel Ritz Paris - but I'm not totally convinced it actually is the same suite as in the hotel because the photos from the website are so different. Guess it's still a mystery to me. The rooms are so striking anyways I really wanted to show them.

Villa Anna said...

Ahhhh another luxurious're killing me! ;)

I can feel a dedication post coming on lol.

Love Coco chanel perfume and Love the Ritz hotel....Wonderful Post Karen!

Anna :)

acaligurl said...

style, elegance, glamour, intoxicating!!
the 'desk'? in the last pic is STUNNING.

Suzy said...

I have a bit of a design crush on Jean-Louis Denoit at the moment too - hope you don't mind if I do a post on him too...

Alkemie said...

Thank you Anna!!

Acaligurl - Love the elegance and glam too :-)

Suzy - Of course not! That's what we're all here for - to share our crushes and obsessions lol. Looking forward to your post!


Anonymous said...
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rachel said...

The replicated apartment should be a tribute to Chanel's apartment on 31 rue Cambon, not the one in Ritz.

Ani said...

Nice blog!! i like it <3

Emma Robinson said...

I love all of it!
xoxo Emma

Take a look at my fashion blog:

Tijl Borgers said...

I am convinced the appartment with the black walls is the result of a Chanel-inspired project because the pictures from the Ritz are the one and only real thang ...
I was very lucky to work for the house of Chanel for a while and was able to visit her appartment at the Rue Cambon . I can not express the energy I felt there while visiting ...

Anonymous said...

I just got a compliment by my daughter's piano teacher that my house is very coco chanel. I had to see what she meant.. wow what a compliment:) i have the much cheaper version but do believe i acheived the look esp of the first picture. My living room has the same flare.

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