Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Colorful, Exotic Birds of Plumage

Now if this photo doesn't catch your attention for color,
I'm not sure what will! I wanted to do a post on color
inspirations from birds. For two weeks prior to Easter
every year, the Triple D Farm and Hatchery in Alaska
sells a few hundred of these colorful chicks. The owner
says a non-toxic dye is injected into the eggs of a variety
of chicken breeds before they are hatched. This causes
their down fur to be colored. As they grow, the color

What actually set me off on this hunt for colorful
birds was Annechovie's great post on color she
titled "Color Chutzpah." If you haven't seen this
post, you must hop over to check it out. Among
her selection of photos was the above bird. I was
just fascinated with the colors on this bird. The bird
is called a Lilac breasted roller from South Africa.

I never knew that birds came in pastel colors.
Absolutely gorgeous!

Brings a whole new depth to the color of aqua.
Speaking of aquamarine, how are these lamps
for inspiration compared to this beautiful bird?

The very pastel Pink Flamingo.

The crest is so pretty on this bird. It's like a lady wearing
a very pretty hat - it's probably male though.

This bird's color palette reminded me of Nicky Hilton's
breakfast room.

Quite an unusual color combination
if I must say so myself.

This bird is absolutely stunning! It made made me think
of hot rods and flames!

And of course, the arrogant but breathtaking peacock
in all it's splendour. It definitely has a reason to be
arrogant as does the queen below whose dress was
inspired by the bird above.

Aren't colors in nature and birds just genius?

All photos from the Taipei Times, Good Night Stories,
Wild Birds, Flickr, Google Images, and Colour Lovers.


Jennifer Ramos said...

thats pretty WILD..i hope there is no real harm in it like they say. BEAUTIFUL colors !

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

kopy kitten said...

I am in DESPERATE need of color, and well, any inspiration, but especially color so thank you!! I just painted my bedroom a light gray and I'm in need of a spark of color in the room.Those aqua lamps would be PERFECT. I'm about to go to sleep and I can't wait to dream about pretty pastel birds and groovy aqua lamps.

annechovie said...

Terrific post, Karen! Loved it. Those chicks are such gorgeous colors! Loved your other choices, too. The variety and colors of birds is amazing.

corine said...

This is the kind of posts I would have liked to write! I love your blog : )

flow said...

ok - this blog totally scared me! i'm terrified of birds! LOL

but the first image of the colored chicks, so very cute. i hope it's not real. i've been in love with color this year so much, i think i'm going to create an all color room before year end :)

acaligurl said...

those little chickys are so cute. very spring & eastery for sure. what a pretty little bird. (the one with the green crown and pink chest and brown & aquamarine.

Alkemie said...

Jennifer - Thanks! I thought it was pretty wild too!

Kopy Kitten - I hope you had good dreams :) I actually just purchased that set of aqua lamps. You have to show us what the room will look like, Grey is one of new favorites!

Anne - I was totally amazed by the variety of birds too. Your photo of that bird really captured my attention to begin with. Thanks for the inspiration!

corine - Thank you! I always enjoy visiting yours too!

Jen - I didn't realize that you were terrified of birds. I'm terrified of crows but not most other birds lol.

Acaligurl - the birds are beautiful aren't they?

Mélanie said...

Great post. Very interesting and very inspiring for the mix of colors ..

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Alkemie - never a dull moment over here on your blog - I love it chicky!:-)

Anonymous said...

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