Friday, March 14, 2008

More Color from Jamie Drake

And we have more colour from Jamie Drake!
These 3 rooms struck me as very vibrant and
a lot of fun. I love the above room in how he
uses white with pops of very bright colors. His
pairing of very classic and traditional furniture
with very modern colors is brilliant. I love the
chandelier. Jamie Drake did the above room
for the Kips Showhouse in 2004.

There aren't many shades of yellow that I can live with
but I think I may be able to live with this one. I love
how the wall is covered luxuriously in fabric. This yellow
room was done for Kips Showhouse 2002.

And of course, the beautiful and enchanting purple
bathroom. What can I say? I love purple.

Which room is your favourite?
Which colours do you fancy?

All photos from Jamie Drake's website.


Anonymous said...
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M&Co said...

I just can not belive how beautiful that golden yellow room is! I hope you are aving a lovely weekend!

Mélanie said...

For me the yellow room is FANTASTIC

acaligurl said...

i'm not feeling the yellow room. or maybe its the print i don't care for.
i do like the purple room and i like the sleek chairs. more black would be super with the purple.

franki durbin said...

it pains me to say it, but I am in love with the lavender bath. it is perhaps the only time I've ever seen lavender as a neutral. interesting.

normally, I'd have gravitated towards the apricot living area...but I wasn't a fan of the furnishings. the lavender room is sleek, modern and timeless... which helps pull off that bizarre palette. I do love that it is monochromatic, also. it helps unify the space. gorgeous!!!

Alkemie said...

I don't even like yellow as much and I really like the hues in the room.

Acaligurl - I do love black with purple. It's why I like the Anna Sui colors signature colors so much.

Franki - One of my all time favorite colors is lavender. I painted my living room and dining area lavendar and as you can see, own a lavendar sofa. Jamie Drake does monochromatic well. It's hard for me to do monochramtic because I'm always tempted to throw in some other color LOL.

Thanks for the comments girl!


Liene at Blue Orchid Designs said...

they're all a bit frilly for my taste, but I love the lavendar bath area - so inviting!! I can see myself there with a glass of wine and a good book.

Anonymous said...

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