Monday, March 31, 2008

More from The Rug Company and Alexander Girard FLOR tiles

Ok, I'm not quite done with rugs yet... I'm also a big fan
of floor carpet tiles which you can make rugs with. They
are a green product, easy to clean and come in many
different shapes and colors. I was recently sent some
beautiful photos from FLOR as part of their announcement
of a new line of floor tiles they have. I really liked the
colors and patterns and thought it was worth sharing with

Alexander Girard was one of the foremost textile designers
of the 20th century. He was born in New York City but was
raised in Florence, Italy. He is most widely known for his
career at Herman Miller where he was the head of their fabric
and textile division. He worked with George Nelson and Charles
and Ray Eames to create furniture designs that went on to
influence the rest of the world. Later, his fabrics came to have
a heavy influence from folk art which he and his wife had
amassed a huge collection of.

FLOR is releasing their new line of Alexander
Girard floor tiles later this spring. They do
not have an exact date of release yet but will
have an introductory offer to those who are
interested. The tiles come in four different
shades and different sizes. The colors are
brilliant and very fun. I think the smaller
pattern is quite cute. What do you think?

Last time I focused on floral motifs from The Rug Company.
This time I'm focusing on their more contemporary patterns
like this one designed for Paul Smith. I've always loved
the colors and patterns of his signature stripes.

I think this room is pretty spectacular.

An interesting way of using a modern rug pattern
and color juxtaposed with very traditional furnishings.

Chocoloate and Plum. Yummm!! I love tea
and thought it was so cool to leave a tea cup
and saucer in the middle of this photo.

Cowhide rug - to a new level. Isn't the
checkered pattern so cool! Like a
variance of the chessboard.

Just looking at this rug makes me
want to roll around in it :-)

Love the color palette in this one. Somehow,
the fact that it is a bit dark in this room totally
lends itself to the overall feel and color combination.

A fun aerial view.

Psychodelic colors! Is the sofa and
rug vibrant or what?

This photo strikes me as the epitomy
of mid-century design. I love the colors
in the rug.

What a fun pattern and colors!

Which rugs were your favorite?
I don't know about you but I know it
makes me want to buy a rug even
though I don't need one...

All photos from The Rug Company and FLOR.


Paris Hotel Boutique said...

I am obsessing over rugs and the Rug Company! Unfortunately all of the rugs I like are $8,000++ I love Madeleine Weinrib rugs too. Same thing. I'm looking for a lavender rug. No luck. Any suggestions??

M.KATE said...

those rugs are FANTASTIC, pity we dont have them so pretty and colourful here :)

Jessica Claire said...

love the geometric pattern with the pink french setee- STUNNING!

Yoli said...

That is just stunning!

SimplyGrove said...

Wow, stunning rugs!!!! Love them all!

girl meets glamour said...

I'm lovin that fur rug!!!


flow said...


those rugs make me want to go out and splurge on one right now!!!

Topsy Turvy said...

I love the combination of modern graphic rugs in classical interiors. I like the Paul Smith design and the multi-colored plaid right after it, but what wouldn't look good in those rooms?!


Anonymous said...

Goegeous post! And I love the modular carpets from Flor, really clever :-)And the Rug Company ...I think they reinvented the carpet with their gorgeous designs!

kkonmymind said...

I'm stuck with the boring wall to wall carpet I have in my living room, but I am toying with the idea of topping it with an area rug of some size to jazz it up and maybe provide a visual break between the dining/living areas. Thanks for the inspiration :) Since you've seen my boring living/dining area, let me know if you come across any good ideas that might work for me! :)

acaligurl said...

i'm not so sure about the rugs. but i LOVE the pink couch and the white chair!!!!

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