Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Philip Treacy - G Hotel part II

And part II to the G Hotel in Ireland. The face of the
hotel actually looks very modern compared to some of
the classical elements on the inside.

The very mirrored and glam bar area.

Luscious sitting area. I really love the curved
and tufted velvet club chairs.

I love the wall of glass on the left
side with the hot pink hallways.

Here's the other side to that glass wall
with brilliant blues to the left.

Here's a peak at the Rivo restaurant within
the hotel. That's one humongous banquette!

Love the colors he used on the velvet
chairs in the restaurant. Gives a sense
of fantasy or whimsy.

Philip Treacy actually designed these round
chairs for Habitat which is one of the UK's
premier home furnishings and accessories

Another look at that "oh so pink" room. I really love the
deap magenta color of the couches in the background.

It's surprising at how photo composition can totally
change the look of a room. This is actually the same
room with all of those shiny metallic light fixture
balls above. It looks very elegant here.

Now I wouldn't mind spending some time in front of
this fireplace. The shells are arranged so tastefully.

A look at one of their rooms by night.

Remember how I said each room has a huge shell on
the bed? Isn't that cool?! A Gigantic nautilus shell.

And Philip Treacy himself.

All photos courtesy of Luxury Spa Finder
magazine, Douglas Wallace site,
Philip Treacy's site and the G hotel site.


Anonymous said...

If you would like to send some photo of your stay I would put them on my site.

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acaligurl said...

karen! you out did yourself. this is so incredibly beautiful. the pink is so bold i love it! i love ALL velvet chairs.

SimplyGrove said...

wow. what a gorgeous hotel!!

Villa Anna said...

My God I'm quite lost for words! This hotel is simply out of this world!!

Anna :)

simplicity said...

It's a feast for the senses. I recognize the water color painting by David Downton of Linda Evangelista above the fireplace in the room with all of those shiny metallic light fixture
balls above. The painting in that room along with a suite named after her...that's some admiration!

I've been wanting to go to Ireland for years and your blog has just convinced me to book a trip soon.

Thanks for sharing!

Alkemie said...
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Alkemie said...

Hotel Room Photos - Unfortunately, I've never actually stayed there before, the photos I have are from a magazine and a website.

Acaligurl - I also LOVE all velvet chairs and sofas too!!

Simply Grove and Anna - I was also at a loss for words the first time I saw the photos.

Simplicity - My fiance's family is from Ireland and it's on my list of places to go. I want to save up money so that I can stay places like this when I'm there which will cost $$. Thanks for your great comments!

annechovie said...

I am crazy about the colors and decor in this place - stunning!

M&Co said...

Love it! The last 4 interior photos are incredible, its just perfect!! So elegant!

Pigtown-Design said...

I adore his hats and so I am sure I would love this hotel! With the exchange rates the way they are now, it might be a while before I get there, though.