Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Philip Treacy's G Hotel - Sensational

Ok, I have so many photos I want to show
of this fabulous Spa hotel I don't even know
where to begin so sit down for a longer post
than usual. Get a load of that Lobby above
with all of the Lights!! This could be old
news already to some, but I still wanted
to share about this hotel with everyone.

Milliner to the rich and famous, Philip
Treacy designed and created this hotel
with Irish architecture and design group
Douglas Wallace. The results are absolutely

What sparked this post was the current cover
of Luxury Spa Finder. I've never bought
this magazine before but the cover totally
hooked me in with it's bold design and colors.

Here is a more subdued photo
of the lobby during the day.

It looks pretty different in the evening
with candles and ambient lighting. I love
the juxtaposition of classical furniture
with modern lucite tables and lighting.
My kind of style!

If you notice in the photos above, there
are two starburst mirrors hanging on the
wall in of the sitting area in the lobby. I
thought this was such a cool photo taken
with the reflection of one of those mirrors
with all of the lights.

Look how they shine and sparkle!
How glam! Which by the way, the "G"
in G hotel stands for "Glamour."
How appropriate.

A larger view of that pink club room. What do you
say girls ~ isn't it the perfect girly hang out spot?
Philip Treacy designed this rug and had it hand
made in Connemara.

A photo inside E-Spa at the G hotel.
Aren't those two chairs in the Spa funky?

With all of the colors going wild, the rooms are
surprisngly but pleasantly neutral. I suppose that
being a spa destination, one might not want to be
staying in a hot pink room all night. If you look
closely, there is a huge shell in the middle of the
bed. All of his rooms have different shells on the
beds. I thought it was a neat detail.

G Hotel's penthouse suite which is named for Linda
Evangelista - the 80's supermodel who was the first
to wear a Treacy hat on the catwalk.

Ok, this color combo, lamp, and
Mirror are to die for!

This view is so neat with the different colors layered.
Look at the gorgeous floors with the vibrant wall colors!

So what do we all think of this spa destination? It's
definitely on my list if I ever have the $$ to do it . At
the very least, it's great eye candy and color inspiration.
And of course, I can't just leave it at one post...Stay
tuned for part II tomorrow.

All photos courtesy of Luxury Spa Finder
magazine, Douglas Wallace site,
Philip Treacy's site and the G hotel site.


Teal Chic said...

unreal! utterly gorgeous.

The Paris Apartment said...

In a word? YUM!! Thanks for the eye candy!

simplicity said...

This looks like some place out a fantasy land. Love it! Do you have more pictures of the Linda Evangelista penthouse suite?

flow said...

I LOVE BALLS HANGING FROM CEILINGS!!! LOL - just stunning. I love the pink in the last image, how bold!!!!

emily@designsmack said...

These are so out there, but I'm totally drawn to them - especially the hot pink with the swirly floor. I'd certainly get a drink or too there!

Villa Anna said...

Ahhh I'm practically squealling with delight! What an utterly fabulous hotel! I adore everything about it. I'll be sleeping in the Linda Evangelista suite thank you, that bed looks heavenly!! Thank you so much Karen for this introduction.

Anna :)

Alkemie said...

Sorry I don't have more photos of the Linda Evangelista suite. I'm so glad you gals enjoyed the photos as much as I did!!

Karen :-)

M&Co said...

Its all soo gorgeous! But the lobby is amazing! Love it, love it love it !! ;-)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Karen - if there's any hotel that I would love to visit - it would be the G :-)

maison21 said...

i was knocked over the first time i saw photos from this project. exactly what a hotel should be - a fantasy for as long as your stay, completely unlike your real life.

Anonymous said...

G stands for Gallway. I was there last year.

Mike said...

The purple coaches are super nice. I want purple coaches in my home now. I want them badly.