Monday, March 3, 2008

Spanish Flair for Retail - Zara Home

Spanish retailers have really been hitting it big! One of
the stores I like to shop at is Zara. Only recently have
Zara stores really started to open around the US. In
Europe, they're one step ahead with a store dedicated
to the home. Zara Home. Unfortunately, Zara Home isn't
available to us outside of Europe yet...But I certainly look
forward to when they do expand beyond the EU.

Zara Home really has a wide variety of styles which has
a bit of something for everyone. Hope you enjoyed these
photos and settings as much as I did!

One of my favorite photos is the photo above with heavy
Moorish influences. It's really interesting because the
bed is a platform bed that is practically on the ground
which is a really modern twist against the Moorish decor.

A really fun mixing of colors and elements.

A very interesting mix of modern, ethnic and elegance.

Love the red latticed dining chairs!

Here's to some of their dining and tablescapes.

A very eclectic living space including a French styled
chest of drawers in the background.

I actually really liked the wood flooring, reminds
of me of the way the Swedish treat their floors.
The cowhide rug is an interesting twist.

Very clean and crisp.
So what do you think of Zara home?

All photos courtesy of the Zara website.


Mélanie said...

So funny to read this post. As yesterday, I went shoping and I felt totally in love with the window of Zara Home in marseilles . it almost looks like the last picture : WHITE and GReen . I hate green but this one was stunning . There were more green ! and it was great

Carmen said...


I write from Madrid. ZARA Home has been the greatest success in Inditex group for years, in my view.

It is not as cheap as IKEA but quality is better, they have very nice lining and clothes for kids and babies, and if you are a home-shopaholic, and you have "clons" of all tendencies (as in Zara itself) at affordable prices.

Their first day of sales is always crowded and "last prices" are really interesting. I hope you will be able to enjoy it shortly in the US!

Nice blog, btw!


Style Court said...

I like the red lattice chairs too :)

flow said...

I'm really liking Zara Home!! very impressed :)

So Haute said...

These rooms are all so beautiful! I LOVE Zara Home...they seriously need to open up some stores in the US asap!

M&Co said...

Love it! It has'nt arrived here in Norway yet, but I visited when in Spain last year and I just wish I had a bigger suitcase ;-)I love that the style is a bit eclectic, not like many other reasonable lines that kind of looks cheap and too "created"

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

My favorite is the wire chairs with hot pink cushions! Delicious!

Suzy said...

Love it too! Can't wait til they open up outside of Europa!

Alkemie said...

LOVE the comments girls! I can't wait until it comes to the US too!!

Melanie - I had to smile when I read your comment because I had the same sentiment. I don't particularly love green but the last photo really grabbed me as well.

Carmen - Thank you for coming my blog and for your great tips about shopping at Zara home.

M&Co - I totally agree that Zara Home seems to have a bit of something for everyone. I like how they offer very diverse styles.

Layan said...

I love you for mentioning my love ZARA Home. I was feeling kind of sad like maybe I had no taste or style and started to wonder is it just me... am i tacky? Last night I even asked that Apartment Therapy feature them on their store review. Now I can breath a sigh of relief that ZARA is beautiful and admired from the EU to the US. You have gained a new subscriber