Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Joe Nye ~ Simply a Brilliant Designer

I am a huge fan of the Los Angeles based designer Joe Nye.
He is simply brilliant in mixing colors and texture. Just like
all of his work is, the table scape above is very striking and
has an allure and charm to it. Joe Nye only launched his own
business in 2002 and in a short amount of time has really
established himself as a well known name in the industry.

I would not have thought to mix a clear
glass bowl with fine china. It looks amazing.

I really really love this West Hollywood home he
designed. He paired classical elements with fresh
colors and patterns. Just the right mix of neutrals
and color.

I've really come to love his sofa console tablescapes.

Fresh flowers and gorgeous fabric,
what more could a girl ask for?

I love how he mixes in vintage and antique
pieces. It somehow fits altogether with the
modern colors he chooses.

Very pretty Thomas Paul pillows.

Very interesting wallpaper in the bathroom.

I Love the colors he chose for this chair!

Any other Joe Nye fans out there?

All photos from Joe Nye's site.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Beauty & Design in Chinese Film ~ Curse of the Golden Flower

You should watch this film if not for the eye candy and
colors alone. Curse of the Golden Flower is directed by
acclaimed director Zhang Yi Mo. He is sort of the Chinese
version of Steven Spielberg you could say. He's made
many many films in his life time and in his last couple
of films, his style has definitely changed to become more
artistic and has put huge emphasis on color and imagery.

The film stars Gong Li and Chow Yun Fat. Two heavy
weights in the Chinese film industry. Gong Li was in fact
made famous by director Zhang Yi Mo. Gong Li may not
be the most beautiful woman to live, but she certainly
has presence like no other. Simply by entering a room,
she can command it. I love watching her films.

The whole movie is a showcase of fashion and interiors!
The photo above and the few below showcase one of the main
hallways in the film. It is a "sick" display of beautiful hand
carved panels and woodwork. I've never seen anything like it.

Through clever use of lighting, the same exact hallway
can change into different colors altogether. What was
originally the bright red hallway above is now Green.

A beautiful shade of peacock blue.

And red again. Simply amazing.

Another element that there was an obvious focus on
were the costumes. The scene here shows maids
dressing each other.

And the finished costume. I will note that in no way were
any Chinese ladies allowed to wear bare shouldered gowns
in any time period in history. However, for a modern
rendition of an old story - the colors and attention to detail
are simply amazing.

Another look at those gorgeous gowns.

I just couldn't stop staring at those colorful panels!

This is a close up of those beautifully carved panels.
I wonder how they made the panels translucent to
let in light.

Get a load of that hair do!

And this brings new meaning to the
phrase "Red Carpet Treatment."

A night time peak at the same red carpet.

At the end of the red carpet is a
staircase that leads into the palace.

A great still of a Chinese room with traditional
furnishings and architectural elements.

Her head dresses are simply amazing.

This makes the word "decadent" pale in comparison.

Especially when you realize just how large this square is
and they somehow managed to cover every square inch
of it. All I can do is look in awe. No words can describe it.

I had been preparing a post on this movie but La Vie Est Belle
has beaten me to it. Definitely stop over at her blog to see her post
because she has a different take on the movie and has shared some
really interesting pieces of Chinese history as well.

If some of you are interested in Zhang Yi Mo's other beautiful
films, I would also recommend "Hero" which is also beautifully
filmed filmed. Beautiful in Color and Beautiful in Scenery
with some of the most amazing scenes in China.

All photos from Sony Pictures and taken by Ms. Bai Xiaoyan.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Jean-Louis Deniot - A Parisian Tour with Interior Architectural Details

I thought this would be a neat tour of interior
architectural details of a flat that Jean-Louis
Deniot designed in Paris. The above photo
has a neat modern twist to it by adding glass
on top of the wallpaper and moldings. Gives
it that little bit of glimmer and glam.

A modern looking living space with very
contrasting colors. I really love the rich
velvety brown in the space. Very nice
and bright lighting with beautiful french
doors - my favorite.

In the bathroom, a very cute Tromp L'oeil
painted cabinets and walls with wood detailing
painted on instead of the actual thing. It gives it
a bit of whimsy. I think the French are probably
one of the few cultures that can manage to pull off
whimsical with an upscale and classy feel.

A very cozy and relaxing room with classical
moldings around the room. The neutrual
palette gives it a serene feeling.

This looks to be a very nice library. I
love all of the wood paneling and shelves.

A luxurious small powder room.

Shelving from floor to ceiling in the closet.

And a very finely appointed bathroom with
marble and crown molding right down to the
sides of the bathtub surround.

I love the open shelving in this kitchen. The shelves are
very nicely finished although they are open. The kitchen
floor has a bit of a psychodelic twist to it. It wasn't something
I was expecting. What about you?

All photos from Jean-Louis Deniot's site.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Banyan Tree Al Areem ~ Bahrain

On to the land of Arabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain.
There is a very exclusive Banyan tree there and the
architecture is just exquisite.

The outdoor pool is like stepping into a dream.

The indoor pool is just as fantastic with the arches
that are synonymous with Islamic architecture.

A look at the facade of the hotel from the water.
Look at the dining table floating in the middle.

It looks so cozy and luxurious.

The main entrance is very
grand with two towers framing it.

A look at the sumptiously appointed lobby.

Love the mosaic tiles covering the walls and pillars.

A beautiful guest room covered in marble.

Beautiful fountains.

Another look at the pool that's like a fantasy.
I truly think this culture has a knack for designing
outdoor spaces. Very classical, timeless and beautiful.

All photos from The Banyan Tree site.