Monday, April 7, 2008

Apsara Interior ~ Tracey Garet's Home & Shop

Tracey Garet has an incredible sense of color and
boldness when it comes to her designs. She has an
incredible showplace in East Hampton, New York
called Apsara. Her own home is testament to her
use of brilliant and bold colors.

I've always always loved lacquered surfaces and
Tracey lacquered nearly every room in her home.
Her dining room is awash in a gorgeous crimson
lacquer. The flowers offset it quiet nicely.

You get a better sense looking down
the hallway all the different colors
she used in each room and hallway.
It just goes to show that there aren't
always tight rules to how you play
with color.

Her home is filled with antiques and vintage pieces.
In the background you can see a very bright sun room.

Here's a closer look at the very comfortable sun room.
She's a woman after my own heart, a regular bibliophile.

Here is an overview of her living,
dining and sitting room. What
a bold purple sofa.

The opposing view with a great
look at her funky dining chairs
and very curvaceous table.

A bit of mid-century modern.

I wanted to again, show some pieces
from Tracey Garet's showroom. This
is a fabulous Billy Baldwin chest of
drawers. Love the texture on it.

A funky but neat German upholstered daybed by Muller.
The piece reminds me of Japanese influences.

And this luscious, very luxurious Itailan
daybed in satin which is my favorite for

Stay tuned for Part II of Tracey Garet's
Home & Shop. I couldn't fit everything
I wanted to show of her place in one post.

What do you guys think so far?

All photos from 1st Dibs and Apsara.


Things That Inspire said...

Great post! I have a weakness for lacquered walls in a dining room.

annechovie said...

I am loving it all, Karen! You have a way of finding such great colorful photos and unique designers. Can't wait to see more!

Jessica Claire said...

That sofa!!!

wow- trying to not drool on my keyboard.

As you can tell I have an OBSESSION with purple:

acaligurl said...

i really like the hallway view.
i wish i could be daring and do a wall in an intense red.

Jennifer Ramos said...


Her place is just soo AMAZING! can't get enough...

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

Suzy said...

Love those red lacquered walls - and the Billy Baldwin cabinet - stunning!

Alkemie said...

Things that Inspire - I totally have a weakness for ALL things lacquered and walls are definitely one of them!

Thank you Anne! I always love your comments - I really fell in love with her home and all the colors!

Jessica - I had to smile because I absolutely Love purple too! I have purple bags and a purple lavendar sofa :) I really enjoyed all of those purple chairs in your post.

Acaligurl - I have to admit it takes guts and being able to live with a red that intense to actually do a whole room in it :)

Jenn - Me too!!! Me too!

Suzy - I really liked the Billy Baldwin cabinets too :) Such neat texture.

Rob @ I Love Substance said...

I think I would melt if I walked unsuspectingly into that room and saw that couch. Like really, isn't that just to die for?
Also like the placement of the ottoman.
The chandelier is pretty darn sweet too.

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Alkemie - do you think it's haviing lived in Asia that makes you like lacquer - or is there a little bit of magpie (just like me!) who likes shiney surfaces :-):-)

Alkemie said...

Rob - You always have wonderful taste :)

ATB&B - I think it's more the magpie hahahha. I don't think I've ever gotten away from loving shiny things and surfaces since I was a child ^_^

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