Monday, April 14, 2008

Beale Lana ~ Kips Bay 2007 Showhouse

Randall Beale and Carl Lana have been designing
together since 1992. They have diverse backgrounds
from fashion and theater. They've done a wide array
of projects from luxury residences to commercial and
retail spaces.

Per my trademark when posting about fabulous
designers, I am not devoting just one post to this
dynamite pair of designers. I am starting with
their 2007 Kips Bay Showhouse presentation.

The black lacquered railing, completely silver
wainscoting and black and white floors totally
had Me floored!

I totally loved the shiny vinyl or patent leather
material they used for the daybed and the
blurred black and white photograph paired with it
is just electric!

The red surfboard makes for great contrast.

Love the colorful fabric used for the pillows.

In love with those shiny floors!

Ok, this Egg chair is to die for in Silver!
Very edgy - glam rock sort of feel.

I certainly wouldn't mind having
a pair of these (in the right room
of course).

So what do you think of Beale Lana's
showhouse? Too much? Or Brilliant?

All photos from Beale Lana's


flow said...


emily@designsmack said...

If the rating is b/w hit and miss, I'd have to take miss. I love the floor and the bench, but the room doesn't really come to together for me. But, I'm not a designer, who what do I know?

Such a cool post! I can't wait to see everybody else's opinions.

emily@designsmack said...

ah, that was supposed to read "so WHAT do I know?" do who... yeesh! Sometimes I think Blogger should provide you with a hologram typist when you sign up for your blog!

Pigtown-Design said...

The WILD thing about the silver wainscotting? It's aluminium foil!!!

Things That Inspire said...

Interesting....but, I do not think these designs will stand the test of time. Maybe that is not important to them!

Alkemie said...

OOhh, you guys have a good point. I was too busy looking at the individual things rather than the room as a whole LOL.

Aluminum foil for the wainscoting?! That's wild!