Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beale Lana ~ A Tour through Palm Beach

Beale Lana designed two Palm Beach residences that
I think are definitely worth noting. I've been really
into green chairs lately and the above black lacquered
chairs in green are great!

Love the Greek chest of drawers.

Purple pillow Yay! And love the
turquoise Foo dog in the background.

A wonderful blend of furnishings in this bright room.

On to case study number 2. That is Some
shell decked console table!

Love the white and glamour of the living room.
My favourite single piece from this photo is
probably the chandelier. It almost looks like
shiny or mirrored mosaic tiles.

A cozy but fashionable
library with a zebra rug.

I really love how the headboard extends all the
way across the wall to really make a statement.

This looks to be an onyx countertop with ambient
lighting coming from underneath. Just gorgeous.

A very beautiful and comfortable room.

I imagine this to be some sort of closet
and dressing room. Very spacious indeed.

Look at that really fancy chair!

A table full of Blenko glass on display. The
collection of vintage glass - to die for! I
absolutely adore Vintage glass and Blenko
is definitely a top classic for me.

All photos from the Beale Lana site.


dianamuse said...

Such lavishness! The colored glass arrangement is absolutely gorgeous. And the pirate ship chandelier suspended above mounds of treasure - what a riot.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post! I loooove those black laquer chairs with the green upholstry as as well! I'm drawn to this elegant, glamourous and colorful interiors, maybe because its completely different from Scandinavian interiors.

acaligurl said...

stunning. the tire under the coffee table is great, it adds a bit of fun.and it goes without saying.. but i will, 2 words! GREEN CHAIR! they are divine karen.

*L said...

that greek key detail is yummers

Pigtown-Design said...

When I did salvage, we used to get slabs of Blenko glass. It was incredible stuff. The colours were just brilliant and clear.

SimplyGrove said...

Lovely tour!! Thanks Karen

Anonymous said...

I love the four poster bed

Anonymous said...
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Alkemie said...

Diana - I have to say the Pirate ship was pretty great :)

Mandy - I can only imagine how different this is from Scandinavian design :)

Kelly - I was thinking of you when I was writing about the green chairs LOL. The tire is a fun twist.

Meg - I am completely obsessed with Blenko glass :) Probably glass in general because I've got depression, carnival glass and Fireking too lol.

About Emily... said...

Love the greek key chest!