Wednesday, April 23, 2008

House & Garden Magazine in the 50's

I really love taking inspirations from vintage
magazines as well. This is one of my favorite
issues of House & Garden magazine in the late
50's. It had an unsual number of color photos
for a magazine of it's time because it was a
special color issue :)

Feast your eyes!

A totally pink and girly living room.

I love the platter ware and how
they are in the shape of cabbages.

Bathroom inspiration.

A Japanese Zen inspired modern room.
Looks like some things don't change much.

Something a bit more colorful.

They knew how to use shiny fabrics
back then to upholster for a sharper
more modern look. It's back in trend
as we speak.

This photo doesn't have such great quality
but I really liked the color scheme.

Hot pink diva rug!

Love the way the pink sofa goes with
the black lacquered credenza.

Definitely not afraid to use color!
Love the rug!

And great inspiration for chairs of all kinds!
Any favorites from this blast from the past?

All photos from House & Garden magazine.


Villa Anna said...

I love this post Karen :)

I rescued a bunch of old magazines my mum was going to throw out from the 70's and I too love to see how styles have changed and not so changed over the years.

Naturally, my favourite pics of your group are the pastel bedroom and bathroom.

Anna :)

Jessica Claire said...

perusing old mags is so funny!

My favourite are the odd recipes using canned goods with imagintaitve displays and illutrations!

pinkstilettos said...

Cool picture of the all the chairs!

katiedid said...

Fun to see! Great post.

Diana said...

Oh so fun!!

Cote de Texas said...

very interesting!!! and enlightening.

Suzy said...

Love them all - amazing how so many of them still look so current. The 2nd pic is my favorite though.

Alkemie said...

I totally agree that it's amazing how styles from long ago are still so "current." Thanks for looking at old rooms with me :)

acaligurl said...

lol. some of the pic's remind me of 'bewitched'& 'brady bunch' !!

My Notting Hill said...

great post - it was fun to check out all those pics - a couple of tweaks and you wouldn't be able to tell they were from the 50's

Teal Chic said...

Karen~ I love this post...they all look great! :)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Oh this is so cute - reminds me of the "Down with love" post by Design Smack!