Friday, April 25, 2008

Jean-Louis Deniot - A Parisian Tour with Interior Architectural Details

I thought this would be a neat tour of interior
architectural details of a flat that Jean-Louis
Deniot designed in Paris. The above photo
has a neat modern twist to it by adding glass
on top of the wallpaper and moldings. Gives
it that little bit of glimmer and glam.

A modern looking living space with very
contrasting colors. I really love the rich
velvety brown in the space. Very nice
and bright lighting with beautiful french
doors - my favorite.

In the bathroom, a very cute Tromp L'oeil
painted cabinets and walls with wood detailing
painted on instead of the actual thing. It gives it
a bit of whimsy. I think the French are probably
one of the few cultures that can manage to pull off
whimsical with an upscale and classy feel.

A very cozy and relaxing room with classical
moldings around the room. The neutrual
palette gives it a serene feeling.

This looks to be a very nice library. I
love all of the wood paneling and shelves.

A luxurious small powder room.

Shelving from floor to ceiling in the closet.

And a very finely appointed bathroom with
marble and crown molding right down to the
sides of the bathtub surround.

I love the open shelving in this kitchen. The shelves are
very nicely finished although they are open. The kitchen
floor has a bit of a psychodelic twist to it. It wasn't something
I was expecting. What about you?

All photos from Jean-Louis Deniot's site.


emily@designsmack said...

Yay, I'm first!! So, this is absolutely perfect... except for that kitchen floor! Ugh, gross. It's actually really cool, and if it was in any other styled house I'd probably appreciate it for its artistic flare, but in this apartment it really doesn't jive. Everything else is completely swoon worthy. When do I move in?!

SimplyGrove said...

Gorgeous!!!!! The kitchen floor is very quirky!

Sue said...

Love all the architecture in these photos. The floor in the kitchen~~~hummmmmm.

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dearest Ms Alkemie - I am SO SORRY haven't been over more - I've been following your every post in bloglines tho!! :-) - love these Moroccan ones below especially:-)

I need to "hit the sack" but I jsut want to let you know - I'm thinking of you!

diana @ please sir said...

I love the pattern in the first photograph!

Jessica Claire said...

You can tell the designer spent a fortune with all the moldings and architectural details.

I don't think I'd need that kind of embellishment in every room but I would def. love the white room with the fire place!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tour! The details are gorgeous, and so prominent in unfurnished rooms. Have a lovely weekend :-)

Pigtown-Design said...

I think the paper behind glass is great! Not wild about the kitchen floor, though i am sure it hides all of the spills!

Mélanie said...

I love the powder room ! and the tiles in the kitchen.
Deniot is the best

Anonymous said...
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acaligurl said...

the powder room is stunning!!
the kitchen floor is U-G-L-Y. oh & the kitchen looks bigger than my cute little house! lol

franki durbin said...

holy cow. where to begin? the powder room is magnificent. the closet is worthy of any Italian fashionista's square footage. where do I sign and whom do I pay? I'm ready to move into the home that owns that closet ;)

maison21 said...

loving the vivid white molding and brown walls, and the powder room is great. the best? that trompe l'oeil bath- love it!

but, ugh- that kitchen floor- a thousand shades of wrong...

Alkemie said...

I very much enjoyed reading everyone's reaction to this flat - especially everyone's reaction to the kitchen floor which seemed like it belonged to another home altogether!

Anonymous said...

Who cleans open shelves in your kitchen? But tiles are charming.

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