Friday, May 30, 2008

More from the talented Kenneth Brown & His Santa Monica Getaway

Kenneth Brown's Santa Monica Beach house is a dream.
I was totally drooling over the decor of his little get a way
place. I love how he mixes all sorts of furniture, textures,
and patterns together.

Another angle of his Santa Monica place.

This is the before photo of a FaBulous
place Kenneth Brown totally redesigned.

The results are absolutely amazing and speak for
themselves. Chocolate brown is one of my favourite
colors and he uses a lot of browns, greens and dark

The pattern on the wall really gives an added dimension
and depth to the room. The mirrors layered on top of the
pattern really top it off.

A very different place he did with a very
colorful palette for a kid's room.

I just want to plop into this chair and snuggle
up with a book. Just need a footrest.

Very sophisticated. My Notting Hill recently did a post
on Black walls which I really Loved. Black walls are very
bold and not for the faint of heart but when done right,
black rooms are absolutely brilliant!

I really love the textures and different surfaces in this room.
The black shiny coffee table, a soft sofa, and the glossy small
tufted benches. Somehow, the furnishings he chose with the
different finishes really fascinate me.

What do you think? Fan of Kenneth Brown?

All photos from Kenneth Brown's site.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spacious Parisian Flat by Jean-Louis Deniot

Jean-Louis Deniot has always done very well by
mixing traditional furniture and architecture with
a modern twist. The blend he did for this particular
flat is subtle in color and and texture. I really liked
his choice of fabrics.

Another angle of the spacious living room.

Love the floors and the pooling curtains
with an ultra modern lamp on an end table.

Here's the foyer that has modern pieces
and flair. Interesting metal console table.

Looks like a lady's room. He really went
tradition in this one covering the sofa and
walls in the same pattern.

Ultra modern bedroom which is probably
more appropriate for a children's room.

Huge chandelier and Love the
oversized painting that covers the wall.

All the modern amenities with
chic design and clean lines.

The color palette of the photograph
with the chair and sofa really entice me.

Any room or space you particularly liked?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nancy Corzine ~ Fabulous Furniture ~ Part II

Hope you aren't tired of Nancy Corzine just yet.
Just a few things more I wanted to share of her
line and eye for aesthetics.

I really love the blues amd whites she used in the
living room above. The blue and white fabric for
the chairs in the foreground are so striking.

The blue carries over into the dining room with blue
and white lamps and chinaware. Look at those
wild matching flowers! They look like they're dyed
to match the chairs. Very cool.

All of the furnishings you see in the photo above are from
Nancy Corzin'es line of furnishings as well as the upholstery

I've always loved mirrored furniture and Corine's
mirrored desk has very traditional lines. Love it!

And the mirrored and tufted bed is to
die for! So glamorous and elegant.

I really loved this piece for its aged
character and French style. It certainly
looks like it could have sat in a French
Country home or chateau forever.

Just a few more examples of Nancy's unerring eye and taste.

Hope you enjoyed Nancy Corzine's
furnishings and aesthetics as much as I have!

Did you all have a good long weekend?

All photos from Nancy Corzine's site.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Nancy Corzine ~ Fabulous Taste ~ Part I

Nancy Corzine has fabulous taste in design and furnishings.
I'm a fan of her furniture line and the photo above perfectly
showcases her Chinoise styled desk cabinet. It's absolutely

A closer up look at this desk cabinet.

My favourite sofa from Nancy Corzine's line.
I love the silver finish and the tufted seats.

And a great example of it in this room.

Very classical but beautiful chair.

And a great example of what you can do with the chair.
Isn't the contrast so great between the finish and fabric
above and here? It's amazing it's the same chair with a
whole different feeling. It goes to show how finishes and
fabrics go a long way in creating a space, style and design.

And some great samples of Nancy Corzine
interiors. More to come on Monday!

All photos from Nancy Corzine's site.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Milestone Hotel London ~ Part II

And as promised, the second post to this Gorgeous
hotel complete with a Bentley at your service.

The very sumptiously appointed Venetian Suite.
I really love that silver and sea green sofa bed!

A breakout meeting Map room. And once again, lovely green.

The Regent Suite.

And the Regent suite bathroom complete with a full
copper bathtub. I really want that copper bath tub!

The downstairs portion of the Stable Bar.
LOVE the green plaid and tufted chairs.
I think if I ever move, I will make a whole
room out of plaid.

And the upstairs portion of the Stable Bar
complete with horse paintings all over the wall.

Reminds of me of quintessential English
with a modern striped twist.

There goes plaid again - I absolutely am nuts for it.

A beautiful and traditional room.
Love the carpet and color palette.

And you get to be waited by staff like this.
What else could one ask for?

All photos from the Mileston Hotel site.

The Milestone Hotel London ~ Part I

The Milestone Hotel in London is a Gorgeous Gorgeous hotel.
If I can ever afford it, it would definitely be on my short list
of hotels to stay. The hotel is in a magnificent, historical brick

Just take a look at their fabulous Park Lounge.

If I can't stay here, I can certainly drop by for afternoon tea.

A very modern, black and white conservatory.

The Prince Albert suite is quite spacious and princely.

The Prince of Wales room with mirrored
walls and a fabulous faux fur bed spread.

The stately Safari Suite.

A Tudor themed suite.

This hotel has no end of different designs for their rooms
including a very modern Art Deco and Music themed room.

A sumptiously appointed deluxe room with loads of texture.

And one of my favourites is their Saville Row themed room.
How cool is that? I wonder if they have a Haute Couture
themed room for the ladies.

Stay tuned for more in tomorrow's post.

All photos from the Milestone Hotel site.