Monday, May 12, 2008

David Collins ~ Talented Brit Designer for Hotels, Bars and Homes

Many of you have probably seen David Collin's work in
one design magazine or another. He is well known for
designing many well known hot spot bars and hotel
restaurants in London as well as the Hotel London
properties. I'm going to showcase some of his more
well known designed bars and restaurants as well as
some of his residential work which is not as widely

Above is a photo of the Blue Bar in Berkeley Hotel
in London.

The entrance to the Blue Bar.

The Petrus Restaurant in the same Berkeley Hotel London.

Love the deep plum colors he chose for the upholstery.

The Artesian Bar in the Langham Hotel
London is also designed by David Collins.

Purple upholstery for all of the chairs and sofas~

And the Maze restaurant in The London NYC.
Love the tufted turquoise seats in the restaurant.

This is a London flat that David Collins designed.
Love the bold color of the sofas.

A very beautiful and grand surround for the
fireplace. I'm really drawn to the painting
of the tree above the fireplace as well. Fits
perfectly together and draws out more of the
blue tones around it.

Very high ceilings in this flat. It's interesting
how he put the flat panel TVs on the same
side as the sofa. How would one watch TV
I wonder...

Very cool bedroom with the bed floated in
the middle for a light and airy feeling.

Love the silver faced credenza in the back.

The texture and color of this silvery grey rug
just makes me want to it home with me. Gorgeous.

A lone photo of a flat he designed in New York City. I
really love square coffee tables and this one is a beauty.

All photos from David Collin's site.


columnist said...

I agree, these are truly fantastic designs. I had not come across David Collins before, so thanks for showcasing this for me. I particularly enjoy the symmetry in these very updated statements.

Marie Louise said...

I always love your taste. Definitely a running theme, driven I think, by color. These are gorgeous images. I would love to create any one of these comfy bar scenarios in my own home!
At the moment I only have the liquor!

{this is glamorous} said...

Always a huge fan
of David Collins--there's something really classic and glamorous about his work.

diana @ please sir said...

Wow...very glam - love the details and colors...especially the teal!

pinkstilettos said...

All these rooms are great! I love your posts!

Sue said...

I love the blue and purple bars! Very different from what I have ever seen.

Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

That metallic silver rug is amazing, I haven't seen one yet. Thanks for introducing me to David, I'm now a fan:)

I love your blog!

SimplyGrove said...

I want to visit the maze so bad!!! Lovely post.

My Notting Hill said...

I'm really intriged by the fireplace surround that goes to far past the firebox. Very cool.

Mike said...

The blue bed sheets are super nice.

Anonymous said...

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