Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Haymarket Hotel in London

The Haymarket Hotel is located in the theatre district of London.
The hotel is owned by a husband and wife developing team much
like Kelly Wearstler and her husband. They have design hotels
in their portfolio from London to New York and Miami as well.

I really like the Haymarket hotel for it's cozy
bedrooms and the very fresh color combinations.

I love green and bright plum together.
Look at the stripes on the arm chair!

A striking black and white room.

And a very homey yellow flowered room.

Here's a room with more of a modern twist
and bold colors. I absolutely love oversized
art on walls. It really makes a statement.

The teal, greens and wood in this
sitting area are very soothing.

A very popping dining area. Love the brilliant colors.

Not a bad choice for a stay in London with each room
having different colors and designs to suit your fancy.

All photos from the Haymarket Hotel site.


Sue said...

Oh, I'm bookmarking this. If I ever get to London this fanciful hotel is where I would love to stay.

Anonymous said...

This is so gorgeous! I love that seating area in pict. number 6 and I want that bedroom in pict. 4!

Pigtown-Design said...

Bummer that almost everything in London is out of my budget right now... except for staying with friends!

SimplyGrove said...

oooh, i love it!!!! what a fun place to stay!

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Wow, this is GORGEOUS! My favorites are the green and plum room and the teal. Beautiful. Would love to stay there one day!!! Lynn

annechovie said...

Love these rooms, Karen! Their style in all their hotels takes hotel interiors to a whole new level and I'd love to stay there whenever I get back to London. Thanks for another outstanding post!

Mélanie said...

I've already read an article in french Elle deco and I love the last picture. On the sofa it is a kenzo 's fabric I use a lot ..It is so gorgeous and so special..Thank you for sharing pictures with us

emily@designsmack said...

AANNNNDDD I'm going!

acaligurl said...

karen! the chair, the chair. the purple & GREEN stripe chair. screamin'

Nic said...

Love the grey and yellow, with the silver metallic sculpture. Inspiring stuff - thanks!!!

acaligurl said...

i was so busy with the chair i didn't pay attention to the other pics.
i'm baaaaaack!
ok, the giant coffee prints in the dining area are genius and i like the colours of the wall and seating.
i agree, the black & white bedroom is striking.
good nite!

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