Friday, May 2, 2008

Jamie Drake ~ East Hampton Country Home

I can never seem to stray too far from posting
about Jamie Drake's work. I thought I would
leave an East Hampton country home that he
designed for all of you to end the week with and
enjoy over the weekend. I wish I had a country
home to go to on the weekends ^_^

I really liked th colour palette of the breakfast
nook above. It looks striking with the wall color,
chairs, and the artwork. At the same time it
feels cozy.

Drake's signature work with colors definitely
come out here in this very grand living room.
Look at the height of those windows and draperies!

A pop of yellow with an armchair leads into
a very sunny dining room.

Here's that very sunny dining room.

I would love to snuggle up with a book
in front of the fireplace in this room!

A look at some of the bedrooms in this estate.

Love the colors he chose for this little nook.

Outdoor lounging space.

And a gorgeous view of a quintissential
East Hampton country home.

Have a great weekend everyone!

All photos from Jamie Drake's site.


Cote de Texas said...

You must like color. No one does color like him. I love his pinks = and i adore that outdoors room. I want a country house, on the beach! ahaha!!!


Erin said...

GORGEOUS! I love all the color!! The nook is absolutely divine. I would love to snuggle up there with a book!

emily@designsmack said...

Beautiful!! I'm pretty sure your wonderful blog introduced me to Jamie Drake. He's so fun and funky, but still grown-up. Love the outside garden spot.

acaligurl said...

the grand living room is positively LOVELY.

Alkemie said...

Joni - I adore color and the beach sounds REALLy good LOL.

Erin - Thank you for coming by! The colors he used in the nook are so pretty :)

Emily - Fun and Funky but still grown up is a really great description of Drake's work. I love the outiside garden spot too! What a great place to lounge around in.

Acaligurl - I was totally in awe of the draperies LOL.

SimplyGrove said...

I agree, he uses color brilliantly! Lovely post!

Jennifer said...

Amazing blues! I love anyone who loves colour, too!