Friday, May 9, 2008

Kenneth Brown : A lofty LA Masterpiece

You may have seen some of these photos floating around
lately. Kenneth Brown designed a brilliant showhouse
Loft for the LA Mart. The sheer height of the loft alone
is daunting. I've never seen such a loft with high ceilings
separated by a huge panel of fabric in the middle. It's
a clever way to separate the space. Most people probably
wouldn't think to do it with the sheer amount yardage
required but I must say the end result of the loft is stunning.

I really fell for the dark rich wallpaper he used.

The upholstery on the chairs compliment
and contrast with the wallpaper in the room
so well.

The chandelier is gorgeous and is
the right scale for such a tall loft.

The greens offset the browns nicely and I do
like all of the patterns and texture he used
in his rugs. Love the dining table chairs he used!

A beautifully appointed bedroom area with
paisley wall paper and faux fur bed covering.

The floor lamps are quite gorgeous.

Kenneth has a friend who has a shop and
borrowed the chopper to put in the showroom.
He said it was probably the largest accessory
he'd ever used in a show room presentation.

Hope you enjoyed the loft as much as I did.
Happy Friday!

All photos from Kenneth Brown's site.


Furniture27 said...

The chopper in the showroom. That is different for sure!!

diana @ please sir said...

The motorcycle is very cool!!

acaligurl said...

i like the zebra chairs. the wallpaper behind the chairs is great. i've always liked the brick walls too.

SimplyGrove said...
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SimplyGrove said...

i love all the wallpaper in this post!!!

girl meets glamour said...

What great style, I love the mix of the wallpaper with a chopper :)


So Haute said...

I love this loft. Those rust colored tufted leather ottomans are gorg!

Yoli said...

That is just stunning. He is doing so many cool things lately.

By the way, Happy Mother's Day.

Nic said...

love the chopper!

Alkemie said...

I really fell in love with this loft! Thought the chopper was quite cool too. So glad everyone enjoyed the post!

{this is glamorous} said...

Definitely a cool space--love the dining set and green backsplash.

LondonCalling said...

Wondered about that pic of the zebra chairs. What a cool loft space. I like every chair in it!