Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Posh and Romantic Parisian Space - Molly Simm's Soho Loft by Kishani Perera of Fuse ID

I know that many of you have probably seen
this flat before but I can't help posting about
it because it is one of my all time favorite designs.
The flat belongs to Molly Simms and is in the Soho
district of New York. Molly hired Kishani Perera of
Fuse ID to help her design the place.

Molly speaks French fluently and shopped for pieces at
the Paris Flea Market and had them shipped back in a
container. She is a hard core antiquer. The resulting design
is one of the most fabulous apartments I've ever seen. I
never tire of looking at photos of this place.

The room above is one of my favorites with the
grand chandelier, built in book cases and sumptious
sitting area.

I always love seeing before and after photos.
Here's a before photo of that same guest
room and sitting area.

And what the result was. It's simply gorgeous.

This ottoman is a detail from the room above.
Molly bought this ottoman on Ebay for $100
and had it recovered with silk fabric. What
do you want to bet the fabric alone cost more
than the ottoman. A gorgeous choice in fabric
and ottoman though if I must say so myself.

I went absolutely nuts for this room as well with the
velvet grey chesterfield sofa, striped arm chairs and
the oversized art piece. The rug looks so fuzzy and
soft. The room is beautiful, cozy and comfortable.
A combination of all three is definitely not always
easy to achieve.

A look from another angle.

The before photo of Molly's master bedroom.

And the after shot. A pretty dramatic
transformation if I must say so myself.

And of course the beautiful French boudoir of a bedroom.
No French bedroom is complete without a chandelier,
a beautifully upholstered bedframe, and sumptious

Love the choices in white marble
and tile. Gives it a very clean and
elegant look.

Hmm. An oversized poster of a bee
seems like an eclectic choice.

The barstools are so cute in pink
and white polk-a-dots!

A lead into the dining area. The lighting
is amazing and this photo really shows
off the height of the ceilings.

A very traditional dining area.

Beautifully appointed bathroom.

A before shot of the very stark office.

And the result is a very classic but very lovely office.
I really love the tufted arm chair as well. I recently
scored one very similar to it off of Craig's List.

So what do we think? Brilliant? I think so anyways.

This was the flat that really put Kishani Perera
on the map for me. After I first saw the photos
months ago in an Instyle Home spread, I made
sure I found out who the designer was.

Photos from Fuse ID's site.


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Ms Karen - did I ever tell you I love your taste?

this is FABULOUS post - beautiful

( as is your mini speed post that you did yesterday.)

Love the grey and plum colours - the plush velvets and chandeliers- very you and of course the hollywood regency style of it all.

If I have to say a post summarised your taste - Id have to say it was this one - all we need to so is put a little laduree macaroon (no I am not going to say purple laduree d...t!!!;-) and a cup of tea on that breakfast bar and I would think it was your place.


I'd move in with you! :-)

The Peak of Chic said...

Karen, This apartment is stunning! I can see why you love it so much. (And I think you're right about the fabric costing more than the ottoman!)

Jessica Claire said...

I'd be lying if I didn't say that Molly Sims's apartment was one of the first spaces that kicked off my home decor craze.

It's totally my style- from the dove grey and purple palette to the glam chandelier and eclectic art

great collection of pics!

diana @ please sir said...

Love the over-sized bee photo!

About Lauren... said...

I loved that spread in In Style Home, thanks for the before and after pictures! Her living room is one of my all time favorites!
Material Girls Blog

acaligurl said...

not only is molly beautiful her flat is beautiful as well.
i've never seen pic's before so i am glad you posted.

maison21 said...

i've never seen the pics, and it's stunning!

thanks for posting!

emily@designsmack said...

This is not going to be an original comment today, but when I saw this post I thought 'stunning! - just grown-up girly, elegant fun. The bedroom is my favourite. My friend is in the midst of picking colours and she's doing blues and grays, so she'd love this. Beautiful post!

Teal Chic said...

Karen, Thanks for the post! I love the greys! I'm crazy about the first photo :)

Alkemie said...

Felicity - Just say the word and I'd move in with you in a flat like this any day :P You're right, I would totally break out tea and macarons.

It was the place that totally made me fall in love with greys. Definitely an inspirational place :) Glad all of you could share in one of my all time favorite designs.

ching said...

I personally like the deep plum color of The Petrus Restaurant very much.

thanks for sharing this ...

Rebecca said...

Just lovely and so livable!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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