Friday, May 30, 2008

More from the talented Kenneth Brown & His Santa Monica Getaway

Kenneth Brown's Santa Monica Beach house is a dream.
I was totally drooling over the decor of his little get a way
place. I love how he mixes all sorts of furniture, textures,
and patterns together.

Another angle of his Santa Monica place.

This is the before photo of a FaBulous
place Kenneth Brown totally redesigned.

The results are absolutely amazing and speak for
themselves. Chocolate brown is one of my favourite
colors and he uses a lot of browns, greens and dark

The pattern on the wall really gives an added dimension
and depth to the room. The mirrors layered on top of the
pattern really top it off.

A very different place he did with a very
colorful palette for a kid's room.

I just want to plop into this chair and snuggle
up with a book. Just need a footrest.

Very sophisticated. My Notting Hill recently did a post
on Black walls which I really Loved. Black walls are very
bold and not for the faint of heart but when done right,
black rooms are absolutely brilliant!

I really love the textures and different surfaces in this room.
The black shiny coffee table, a soft sofa, and the glossy small
tufted benches. Somehow, the furnishings he chose with the
different finishes really fascinate me.

What do you think? Fan of Kenneth Brown?

All photos from Kenneth Brown's site.


Simone said...

While some rooms speak to me more than others, I am in love with this home! I wonder if he'll lend it out?? Absolutely divine!

maison21 said...

i very much like the last photo- those benches are hot!

Ziakoko said...

I love the last room its a great mix of classic and modern, comfort and chic and not too masculine either- Excellent!

acaligurl said...

karen, i like it. very stylish.

Ursie B said...

He's a genius! I have never seen a room done by him that wasn't pure magic. The guy really has an eye for design, huh? Amaaaaazing!

My Notting Hill said...

Yes - a total fan of Kenneth Brown. Plus, he seems so nice. Thanks for the mention too. Michele

Jessica Claire said...

those canopy wow!!!


Rebecca said...

What a fabulous kids room.