Monday, May 5, 2008

Stephen Shubel ~ New Design Crush

My latest design crush is Stephen Shubel
who uses wonderful French influences in
his work. I completely fell in love with his
own home in Sausalito. Shubel's own home
in Sausalito is a 1906 Fisherman's cottage
that he overhauled to his own style.

I love the above living room with the floors
done in contrasting colors. The texture it
creates is quite lovely but subtle.

The numbered dining chairs are such
a brilliant idea. Something unexpected
but done in such a classy way.

A closer look at one of the numbered chairs.
I really liked how he outlined the welting in
black which is a bit of a twist.

You can tell he has furnished his place with
many antiques and flea market finds.

This bedroom looks so good in whites and
black accents in such an understated way.
It reminds me of a chic French country home.

Bright pops of yellow - Stephen Shubel is
known for his propensity towards yellows
and oranges.

What a cozy nook for a bed!

The mastser bedroom with more yellow.
The gilt root rest is a really nice touch.

A look at those beautiful floors that extend
into the really homey kitchen and a fabulous
display of his platter ware.

Last but not least, his very charming desk.

Francophile or not, it's hard not to fall in
love with such a lovely cottage by the sea.

All photos from Stephen Shubel's site.


M.KATE said...

aiyah..(if you remember, this is how the locals here sigh)..every photo is a dream. If I can have something similar to this, i'd be over the moon. Anyway, I've got an award specially for you, because this is the place where where I get my inspirations on home decor, which i am kinda poor at in the first place, no harm dreaming of a dream house right.

BTW, do you still visit Malaysia?

happy week ahead :)

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Wow, beautiful. I love those numbered chairs! Would love a set for my dining room!!

diana @ please sir said...

I am crushing too...LOVE those numbered chairs!!

franki durbin said...

I must confess... I wasn't blown away until I saw that sunny little nook. Very nice. I love that the bright, sunny colors make you want to spend awake hours in it reading yummy books and magazines. Love it.

Rob @ I Love Substance said...

wait wait, how many designers are you in love with?

All orange is not easy to pull off and he did a great job.

Rebecca said...

Those yellows are incredible - that bed nook takes the cake. I need to file that picture away in my 'dream house' folder.

acaligurl said...

wow, acali is speechless again. the decor is striking. i really like the black & white bedroom pic.
(the top one) i'm putting a idea board together for my bedroom and that pic is going smack in the middle for inspiration.

Alkemie said...

Rob - I have WAY too many designers I'm in love with hahahaha. Same as my design sense - can't stick with one style lol.

M.Kate - I am in fact thinking about going back with my mother to Malaysia next year. If I do, I will definitely keep you posted.

Lynn and Diana - I TOtally want a set of numbered chairs for myself too! I thought it was brilliant.

Franki and Rebecca - I'm not usually a huge fan of yellow but I was really taken by the reading nook myself. Just makes me want to snuggle in with a book.

Acaligurl - I really love that guest bedroom too! It's so charming.

Topsy Turvy said...

Karen, I've alway loved his French apartments and this house is great too!

The Peak of Chic said...

Karen- I am so with you! His work is so striking. I liked the Domino article on his studio in SF.

Anonymous said...

GRRR!!! I've liked Shubel for years and these pics hvae been in my files for ages, so I was bummed that Domino featured him. Now the secret is out! These pics are of his little house in Sausalito, btw. The black and white is a perfect background for any color. I have old tear sheets in which he used apple green accents.

Cote de Texas said...

This is just the house I have the clippings from ! great minds think alike, huh?? I love this house!!! so cute.

Mike said...

The orange drapes really are lovely.