Thursday, May 15, 2008

Terry Emmons' Greenwhich Village Pied-a-Tierre

HGTV's Small Spaces Big Style program is one
of my favourites on that channel. One one of the
episodes, they featured Terry Emmons' tiny
pied-a-tierre in New York City's Greenwich village
at under 400 square feet (3xx sq feet.) Sorry don't
remember the exact square footage.

Terry Emmons is a designer and has been to Versaille
over 60 times for inspiration. 6o Times!! WOW is that
a lot. Above is the entrance to his neo-classical tiny flat.
He paired very classical architectural elements with bold
and modern colors for a twist. Some of the photos are
not the greatest in terms of clarity but I really fell in love
with his flat and what he did with it.

Absolutely adore the green he chose for his walls.
The bright pink in the artwork really complement it.
The artwork, coincidentally, was his color inspiration
for the entire place.

Notice how he painted arches above the windows to raise
the eye upwards. It seemingly adds an architectural element
with nothing but paint. Incredible!

Another look at some his furniture in the
living room and those fun windows! He's
got quite high ceilings in the flat.

Terry and a friend built the facade for the
fireplace and the mirror themselves. Looks
they did quite a great job too!

A look from the dining area to the bedroom.
Love the colors he used and more painted
arches above the doorway. I love that he
used French doors instead of a normal door
to lead into the bedroom. It definitely opens
up the space more.

Another look at those same doors.
Gosh, who doesn't love French doors.

He did a very interesting paint job in the ceiling
where he had a skylight installed. Because it's
outlined, it totally looks like a jewel box with more
details done totally by just paint.

Love the wall of fabric that separates the kitchen (the
dark area to the right) with artwork layered on top of it.

If you look at the mirror to the left of the
French doors, it's actually a very small closet
made to look like an architectural element
topped with a mirror. I think it's brilliant
and a beautiful closet at that. One would not
think that it was a closet to hold shoes or
coats and etc.

Here's a photo of another built in
he did for his desk area.

And the result of that built in shelving space.

He took an older piece of artwork he did in his
younger years and cut it up into three parts and
adhered them to the tops of his cabinets. It looks
so pretty and there you have custom made cabinetry.
Love the recessed lights as well in the shelving.

Many people don't think to hang artwork
on windows. It's a neat concept.

Looks like that piece of artwork is removable.
Notice the book shelf at the top which wraps
around a good portion of the room. Beautiful
fabric for his pillows.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this little
pied-a-tierre in Greenwich Village.

All photos from and Terry Emmons' site.


diana @ please sir said...

Bright space...but I like it!

SimplyGrove said...

Wow! what a vibrant little space! He is so creative and talented!

Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall said...

What a great tour and wonderful photos. He definitely did an excellent job opening up the space with bright colors. Very creative:)

katiedid said...

He really did a very clever job at creating spaces for everything, and making the spaces look much bigger thatn they are. Thanks for the tour...lots of great ideas!

Classic style in city said...

Hi, I just visit "this is glam.." an stopping by at your site for a while..I must say that I really love your pictures..I have never seen before so its like christmas to me*smile* thanks for the tour this time..Ill be back..

Fifi Flowers said...

WOW... FUN... VIBRANT... How could you NOT be happy living there... everyday you would have to wake up cheerful or at least you would be after you opened your eyes to such FABULOUS colour!

Yoli said...

Karen I love that show too, especially since I have a small space. I commend him on the bright colors, I am more a black and white girl for a tiny space. Thanks for sharing!

acaligurl said...

positively wonderful.2 of my fav colours together. it manages to look very stylish & fun at the same time.

Mélanie said...

I'm not a fan of green but I have to say that on these pictures it looks terrific , and it matches perfectly with pink !

Topsy Turvy said...

Love that mirrored door trick!

The Paris Apartment said...

Fantastic! I love all your inspirations!

Teal Chic said...

Hi Karen- I love this! Chartreuse and pink look so great together. I am having such a hard time deciding what to do with my room, I come to your blog, and I want it all!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

love the colors! great post but i have to say 'adhesedd' is not a word ;/ 'adhered' may have been what you were looking for :)

My Notting Hill said...

He really pulls off lime and pink!

Alkemie said...

Wow what great responses! I know such bold color isn't for everyone but thought there was some good inspiration with this post and great ideas on usage of space!

Anon- you're totally right, I sometimes post late at night and definitely should be better about proof reading ^_^

Nat said...

Stylish post and ... blog too ! :) The use of pink and lime is amazing and harmonious.
In French the correct spelling of Pied-à-tierre is "Pied-à-terre"... but French language is not easy ! I must admit it...

Teal Chic said...

thanks for all the pink and chartreuse lately, i included your link on my latest post.

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Anonymous said...

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