Monday, June 30, 2008

Before & After ~ Reupholstered/Repurposed Chairs Gallery

Since I really love taking old pieces and having them
reupholstered or redone in a new way, I decided to
start a gallery of repurposed furniture and chairs. If
you have a chair or piece of furniture that you are proud
of and would like to show off, please feel free to send
photos with information to me and I will post them.

In the month of July, I will have 1 post dedicated to
reborn furniture every week. To start things off, I really
fell in love with the chair that Jennifer of Flow redid
(above.) The fabric she chose is absolutely stunning paired
with white finish. I can see why she love this chair to death.

Denise from Discount Designer Fabrics shares with us her
Louis XV chairs which she has owned since 1975 and has
reupholstered them 4 times now! She covered them this
time in Scalamandre Edwin's Covey #16310 for the print
and Lee Joffa Ivory Chenille for the seats.

Here's the back of the chair in Denise's beautiful front yard.
I also wanted to note that Denise runs a great business of
selling Designer Fabrics at low prices. If you are interested in
a particular designer fabric but find the retail price too steep, I
would definitely swing by Denise' site to get a quote. Denise is
very friendly, knowledgeable and quick to respond.

This isn't a chair but I had to show what Katie-did
found and refinished. This gorgeous faux bamboo
end table was found on the streets and Katie took
it home to give it a lot of TLC.

The end result - totally amazing! I adore how
she put some color on it by painting the top in
a light turquoise color.

London Calling found this beauty in a Phoenix
antiques mall and brought it home with her. She
used it for 3 years before it started to wear and
so she decided it was time to get it redone.

And Voila! Can you believe her upholsterer had
this done for her in only 2 days and $80. I'd Love
to know where I can find an upholsterer like that
in my area!!

A before and after project by a reader of Design Sponge.
It went from very old and falling apart to very modern
with the lime green paint!

Here's another example from a reader of Design Sponge.
I love how she used the red piping to provide contrast
with the rest of the chair and fabric.

From Jessica Jones of JCaroline Creative, this chair was
totally reborn. Love the modern black and white floral
print she chose. You can find some great craft and fabric
supplies at her store as well.

Last but not least is this older arm chair that was remade
into this glamorous chair that reminds me of the Hollywood
Regency style. Black buttons and finishing against white
fabric for a very dramatic overall look.

I hope this has given you some fun inspiration.

All photos from the cited sources above.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sherryll Jackman - A little Outdoor Living

How's this for a stunning outdoor living space? San Diego
has the perfect weather for outdoor living and Sherryll
Jackman has wonderful visions for outdoor spaces.
Love the fire pit and all of the roomy and curvy furnishings
she chose to use. It looks so inviting - you really just want
to plop in and propr your legs up.

Another wonderul design with a view of downtown San Diego.

The ceiling full of glass is amazing with the natural light.
Can you imagine a living room where you can gaze up
at the stars at night?

A very polished and stylish nautical themed room.
Just enough of the theme but not over the top.

A very classical bedroom. Beautiful
chinoise styled cabinet against the wall.

I Love books and thought that this was a
really neat dining room for a book lover.

This small living space struck me in an artsy way
with bohemian hints for a really nice cottage style.

I love the wall color she chose - looks to be a powdery
periwinkle of sorts - that hard to describe shade with
blues and lavender in it. Fun mix of furniture and colors!

This is a great kitchen with ultra modern stainless steel
appliances and fixtures juxtaposed against very rustic
and earthy wood floors and cabinets. I really like it!
She somehow made them fit together.

The lightness and airiness of this very
bright kitchen is like a dream. How many
kitchens can boast this many windows and
this much light? Even the ceilings are finished
with wood.

I hope you enjoyed this tour. I'll be posting about
Sherryll's store some time next week but I have a
special post on Monday about refinished furniture.

All photos from The Jackman Group.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sherryll Jackman - A designer where the sun Shines all the time

Sherryll Jackman hails from the sunny land of San Diego, California.
She is an incredibly versatile designer who also holds a real estate
license and general contractor's license along with her design degree.

She is the proud owner of The Jackman Group which is her design
company and owns a successful home furnishings company which she
runs with her daughter called Seaside Home.

I was really drawn to her above design. The color palette and
sophisticated yet inviting design really attracted me.

I've been seeing more statues of large animals
lately but I do like Blanc de Chine and these
two dogs are great examples.

Love the use of Chinese Mandarins for art on the
wall - juxtaposed with a wild zebra chair and modern
but classy furnishings.

She seems to have an asian element in many of
her designs. I for one, am not objecting to that -
nor am I objecting to the very inviting wing chair
in velvet.

Can't go wrong with creams and white.

Very chic dresser. I see that Ms Sherryll
also likes animal prints. She does not over
do it though. Just the right touch of it in
the overall scheme of things.

This is a very traditional looking tradition
which I adore the floor tiling she used.

A very elegant bath tub.

Again, love the the tiles and pattern of the flooring.

Ooh I'm used to seeing granite counter tops but not
the same slabs of granite for the flooring. Very neat!

This would be a bathroom any girl
or daughter would Love!

More to come on Sherryll's designs and her store.

All photos from The Jackman

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Will be back tomorrow...

Will be back tomorrow. Was to do a post today
but got attacked by allergies and I must recuperate :(
Above is one of my all time favourite custom Blythe dolls.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Classic Wing Chair

There will always be something classic about a
Wing Chair that it will never go out of style. I thought
to do a post on different styles of wing chairs and
where you can start your search in buying one.

I really love the shape and fabric of the first wing
chair above. You can find the chair online at Williams

Here is a modern and classy wing chair with
nail heads you can find from Z Gallerie.

A very artistic and unique Wing Chair
really makes this piece unique.

Also from Woodson & Rummerfield's are these
gorgeous tufted Wing chairs with silver legs.

From the store affiliated with Joe Nye is the
store Downtown. This is a really fun Wing chair
they offer as a part of their line of furnishings.

And another rendition of it in this whimsical
fluffy fabric. Looks like a sheep :) But Oh so very
soft, I would love to snuggle up in it with a book.

A more modern take on the Wing chair by West Elm.

A modernized version by William Sonoma
in brilliant green fabric to boot!

Ballard Designs offers furnishings that you
can have upholstered with fabrics of your

Here's a midcentury modern danish looking
wing chair with matching ottoman from the

Another very modern take with this
curvy and round wing chair, also, from

A lovely color for a Wing chair

Last but not least, also from Jayson Home & Garden,
a nice and simple covered wing chair. Very lovely.

Which Wing Chair would you take home?

All photos from the above cited sources.

*** A Huge thank you to Terri Sapienza at the
Washington Post for the mention this week